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Review of Corsair LT100, powerful lighting system



Review of Corsair LT100, powerful lighting system

The Corsair LT100 system consists of two lighting towers, has 46 RGB LEDs on each tower that illuminates both the pole and base, and also has the opportunity to add two additional towers with the Enlarge area (although they need a Starter Kit, because he is the only one with a controller).

Index Corsair LT100 features and technical specifications

Kit100 Starter KitExtension kit LT100
Size422 x 95 x 95mm (without headphone jack)
423 x 95 x 106 mm (with headphone)
422 x 95 x 95 mm
Power adapter5V, 1800 mm
Size of elements4 fires
Total RGB LEDs184184
Number of RGB LEDs per tower4646
building materialsSilicone in diffuser
Aluminum base and pole
Silicone in diffuser
Aluminum base and pole
Light effects1111
RGB cable length1500 mm1500 mm
PC connectionUSBUSB
SoftwareCorsair CUECorsair CUE
Recommended price€ 139.9969.99 €

In fact, the Corsair LT100 consists of two vertical bars designed to be placed on both sides for monitoring and providing the desktop with unusual lighting. The bars include a total of 46s for each tower that can be individually adjusted (although you can kindly arrange them with the results already described, including the possibility of aligning the color and screen edges in video mode to give the image a great immersion experience), and are actually similar to the ones we saw LS100 Smart Lighting of the product.

Today we will be considering a Starter Kit with two of these limitations, although the maximum amount we can include in the system is.

External analysis

As usual at this manufacturer, the product is packed in a heavy cardboard box in black and yellow colors. On the front face we get a picture of the device in product and model highlighting, and on the back we get a description of it in several languages.

Inside we find the LT100 neatly installed and protected by clear plastics lined with a soft cardboard structure.

Two additional cables are included: one from USB Type-A to Micro USB which works to connect the main tower to the PC and be able to control it using software, and the other to connect the primary and secondary towers.

Both towers have separate bases, with bars that can be easily set and removed. The bases of these non-slip rubber, with the Corsair logo on the front, and have LED light all over them. As you can see one of the basics (key) has a button used to rotate between effects or to open a program and turn it off.

Here we can see that the main core has a power adapter connection, joining another base, and a small USB, while the other base has a connection to the main core. Seeing this we wonder how the four towers will be put together, because the installation hole and the exit hole may need to be connected by a chain.

Here you have towers, with an aluminum structure and with a silicone LED line on one side. It must be said that they are overweight, showing good quality materials.

As we mentioned earlier, something that can be installed in any of the towers and working on hanging headphones is installed. It is sticky but does not need to be installed because it fits perfectly and supports the weight of the headphones without any problem.

Just by connecting the main tower to the power you are already illuminated by random results, or as you will think it is important to connect the system via USB to a PC with iCUE so that you can control and configure it properly.

Check out the Corsair LT100

Time to check phone on PC. Once connected, the system detects it and it just pops up on Cue, where he can start fixing it.

In device options we only get it as an option to update the firmware and change its brightness.

Among the LT100 options we find only two: lighting suspension, and light effects. First, it is simply used to locate devices and select its position in relation to monitoring.

In the lighting results section, as usual, we get a standard library of pre-made results, which we can customize if we want. Of course, there is the “Lighting” option used to synchronize lighting for all ICUE devices we have. Also notable are the effects of «Ambience», which includes video lighting (which we tell you before taking colors at the edges of the screen to give a great immersion feel), sound, text, fireplace and borealis.

Below you can find examples of how the Corsair LT100 is installed on a PC, placing towers on the sides of the monitor.

Installing the app is much easier, and it will take longer to move the cables (remember the main base has three) than installing it itself. The configuration is equally thanks to the full iCue software, and also that in this case we should only select the lighting effects we want and that's it, nothing more is needed.

Now, what is the use of this device? If you are a RGB light bulb, you will surely love it because it gives more color touch to your desk, although it is true that when we touch it, if you show it as in pictures it is annoying because it is very bright, and if you have moving effects it can disturb you, so we probably recommend showing them the opposite indirect.

In any case, it is the most challenging enemy that can create the most beautiful environment, especially for those who enjoy the playroom. In addition, you do not have to put it on the side of the watch, the cable is long enough to move the towers far enough away from each other, thus creating global effects rather than just using the table.


If you are one of those who use sybaritic RGB light and would like to create a light ecosystem in their room, this Corsair finder will provide you with everything you need, because with 46 LEDs designed for each of the two towers, you will be able to create the results you want. first fix you do not have enough).

The Corsair LT100 is very easy to assemble and configure, and even the most inexperienced user can get the most out of it quickly. With the highest quality of building materials, the device also adds useful support for hanging headphones.

For all these reasons, we believe this Corsair LT100 is worthy of receiving our Gold Award, as well as a recommendation for its design.

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