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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: dates, price, specs and rumors



Samsung looks like they have a new release in the sense of what their next generation of Galaxy Buds are, even before the official arrival of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone series.

Looking back, we will see that the first wireless phones launched by the company were the Gear IconX of the year 2016. The product was renamed in 2019 as Glass Buds to coincide with the arrival of the Galaxy S10 line.

The last to arrive was the Galaxy Buds + introduced in 2020 and with some exciting news that surprised us. In fact, you can learn full review where we tell you when it's worth your purchase.

It all seems to indicate that those who are coming will change their composition and make a form to rename themselves with Galaxy Buds Live. This is all the news we know and rumors about the specification of wireless headphones.

What are Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

German technical area He reports that according to sources close to the company, they have details of the second presence of wireless headphones in the form of a button scheduled to be released in 2020.

Samsung would have used the code word ‘Beans' to refer to them, showing the drawings and renderings of the final abstract of the headset, whose last name would be Glass Buds Live.

As can be seen in the photos, its appearance is very similar to a certain bean, with a pill-shaped pattern that penetrated the ear and covered the entire ear canal.

Regarding the name, depending on the information leaks received SamMobile In the Samsung Galaxy Wearables app, a file name will appear ‘buds_live', which will be the last name when our product will be introduced to the market.

What features does Samsung Galaxy Buds Live offer?

Inside, Buds Live is said to have two small speakers with a wool-like channel that act as speakers to allow air inside.

South Korea news site, Maiel, reports that Buds Live will once again feature the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), which many users have missed on the latest generation of Green Buds + headlines presented by Samsung.

The same report states that the battery life received will be 11 hours per charge, although there is no indication of what the charge will be, and how many charges will be offered by Bass Live. .

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live cost you?

That Korean report also quotes a local price tag of ₩170,000, which translates into our financial frameworks, up to $140 or 125€.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live release?

It was initially thought that Samsung would introduce Buds Live during an off-screen event on the Green Note 20 series, originally scheduled for August 5. However, it is now known that both Buds Live and the smart watch 3rd clock They will be out at the beginning of every month of July.

Another point to keep in mind is that Samsung tends to use discounts and promotional products for its new releases, suggesting that before the advent of the Galaxy Note 20, the company is offering headphones as a free sale when booking a new end.

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