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Samsung Galaxy Note 30: date, price and specification



Samsung Galaxy Note 30: date, price and specification

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note phones are very different from each other. The Note 20 Ultra is an expensive SUV that may not have come at just the right time.

The standard Note 20 sounds like a bad step, with a plastic background, a 60Hz display, and low camera specs, but it still costs $949 if you want 5G.

With rumors that Samsung wants to combine the features and release dates of its S and Note phones, there is a possibility that the Note 20 list will be the last of the standard Notebook phones.

If they come out, they will probably be called the Note 30 and Note 30 Ultra, as Samsung has released two notes for the second year in a row, but has also been renamed from Plus to Ultra.

Note that 20 calls are still new, so a few months before the standard launch of the Note. This is what we know about Note 30.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 30

The Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra were unveiled at the Unpacked virtual event on August 5, 2020, with the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus first announced on August 7, 2019. Note the 30th to the first week of August 2021 if these days is something to stick to.

But there are ongoing rumors that Samsung is considering adding an S-Pen to one of its Galaxy S phones and merging the S and Note lines. It has been reported since 2019 and has not yet happened, but 2021 could be the year you are doing it.

If that happens, then we can see the new Note in February 2021 next to the Galaxy S30. Samsung could do this to use the August launch window only in its ever-expanding launch of the phone instead of Note.

Background for Samsung Galaxy Note 30

The Note 20 costs $1059, as well as the Note 20 Ultra $1309. It is important to note that the standard Note 20 is only 4G at that price, you will have to pay more if you want 5G. The Note 20 Ultra is only 5G.

In the US, where notes are powered by Snapdragon chips instead of Samsung's Exynos, there are only 5G models.

We expect Samsung not to offer Note 4G by 2021, so all Note 30 models will likely break the $1000 barrier. The Note 30 Ultra will probably cost around $1,300.

Details of Samsung Galaxy Note 30

Thanks to the annual phone updates, we can confidently guess the specifics of the Note 30 series.

Like the Galaxy S phones, Samsung uses its Exynos chips in Note in regions such as Europe and India, but uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8-series chips in the United States and its home country, South Korea.

Although the performance is often very similar, every year the Exynos phone version fights for battery life. The US review always reflects the longevity of the Snapdragon version and is particularly annoying to people in regions where the Note has an Exynos chip.

However, we are confident that Samsung will stick to this strategy. Apart from the chip differences, we should see at least 8GB of RAM, if not, even for the lowest model, with a minimum of 128GB. This year the Note 20 did not have microSD extensions but the Note 20 Ultra did.

Both phones have triple cameras, but the Note 20 Ultra had a large mega 108 MP sensor and 5x zoom zoom, which obscured the 3x mixed zoom of the standard Note 20.

The design of the Note 20 is almost the same as that of the Note 10, so it is possible that the Note 30 is simpler in its review. The Note 20 is brighter than Note 10, with a matte brass and a large camera bump where the Note 10 has a multi-colored glass option. Note 30 is likely to continue the industrial sentiment.

We hope that no matter how many Note 30s are available, they all have 120Hz screens, and that they can work with full resolution. The S20 and Note 20 Ultra can only work at 120Hz or QHD +, not both. Come to Samsung, these are expensive phones.

The Note 30 will definitely have an S-Pen as usual, however, to be honest we won’t care if Samsung removes the air touch strategy where you control the software remotely.

Wisdom list for Samsung Galaxy Note 30

Note 30 is probably the way out, but that doesn't mean we don't have a list of things we want in it.

The cost is very low

A standard Note 20 would make sense for around $700. If Samsung is going to issue a low-level note then we want it to be easily accessible for those who can afford to spend almost $1,000 on a phone.

Better battery life

The biggest flaw in the Note 20 Ultra is its poor battery life. When the most expensive Note is marketed as a high-end phone, you end up using it more, and it hurts when the battery turns red before you run out.

Beware of larger phones, so whether you take out too much battery in the setup or switch to Snapdragon worldwide please Samsung.

Camera at the bottom of the screen

2021 could be the year Samsung clarifies how to place the front camera under the screen instead of using a cropped circle.

Getting started on Notes can be a great opportunity to sell it as a separator, especially if the details of Note 30 are almost identical to Note 20. Not many companies can add to phones yet, but this is one of them. ZTE has just done it.

Kind of small

We would like to see a small Note device like the one we used with Note 10. With Note 20 Samsung released two very large phones with a combination of specs and design variations. Going back to the small and large note presentation will make sense, providing an integrated and portable device for people who don’t want a phone as big as their head.

This could be where we see the S-Pen first appearing on the Galaxy S30 in February and to be honest we all love that.

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