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Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21: Launch, Price and specification



Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21: Launch, Price and specification

Every year, Samsung introduces new models to its range smartphones fees Galaxy S. These come with design updates, camera enhancements and newer technology than last year.

The last to reach the family were the S20 range mobiles: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is the second time that Samsung has introduced multiple phones at the same time, and it will have to be considered whether it decides to do the same in 2021.

We do not yet know whether the new range will be called the Galaxy S30 or the Galaxy S21. If we allow ourselves to be guided by the way he has called his cell phones in recent years, we will be gambling on the Galaxy S30, but it can always surprise us.

Last August, Samsung unveiled the Note 20 Ultra, which upgrades the S20 Ultra. What will you decide to include in the new Galaxy S mobiles? We don't have much information yet, but you can find it below.

Release Date: When will the Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21 be on sale?

It is highly likely that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S30 in February 2021. The company opted this month to announce the new Galaxy S years ago, after deciding to organize its unpacked event in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress.

If Samsung continues on this route (there is no suggestion it will not do so), the S30 Packed event will take place next February and will be on sale from March. Obviously, this could change as a result of the epidemic.

Price: How much will the Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21 cost?

Expect the Galaxy S30 range to have the same price as the previous generation. In Spain, the standard S20 (4G) was priced at $909 when it was launched, while the 5G model was on sale from $1,009.

The S20 Plus also costs at least $1,009, while the S20 Ultra starts at $1,359. We anticipate that the S30 phones will have an initial price of $1,009, as Samsung is unlikely to offer the 4G model.

It is now true that the company likes to increase prices from time to time, and may decide to do so by introducing the S30, S30 Plus, and S30 Ultra. In any case, it should be noted that the Galaxy usually offers a discount immediately.

Details: What news will the Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21 bring?

It is very likely that, in some markets, the S30 range will include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, if that ends up being called the next top company chip.

On the other hand, in Europe, it is likely that it will continue to bet on its Exynos chipsets (the latest model). If so, we are hopeful that Samsung will improve them, as the battery on the Q20comm S20 and Note 20 models was much better.

We think the S30 may be a product of evolution and not a design revolution. The S20 looks like the S10, with only the front camera moving in the center of the screen. The S20s also included refresh values ​​of 120 Hz.

There are not too many rumors about the S30 cameras still circulating. This tweet from Samsung Ice Universe leaker suggests that the S21 Ultra (or S30 Ultra) will have a 108 MP camera like the S20 Ultra, but I heard an update.

The S20 Ultra is a good phone without its disappointing cameras, with problems with autofocus, among other shortcomings. And that they have a list of excellent explanations.

There are rumors that Samsung could remove the aircraft sensor from the S30, just as it did with 20 phones. hardware It may help in portrait mode, but Samsung is behind Apple and Google.

Desire List: What do we want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S30 / S21?

This is all we would like Samsung to include in the new generation Galaxy S so that S30 phones can upgrade to S20:

120Hz at the highest resolution

How can Samsung upgrade the S20? There is no longer a split bezel. In addition, it has been able to make the S20 screens softer, something we love more than curved panels, because they don’t give too many flaws.

For the new generation, we would like to see the option of using the 120Hz refresh rate in QHD + resolution. For S20, you have to choose between QHD + at 60Hz or 1080p at 120Hz. On the other hand, some manufacturers offer a much higher setting.

Better cameras

Hopefully Samsung has decided to add the best zoom for the new x5 Note 20 Ultra smartphonesThis is more stable and surpasses the proximity of the S20 Ultra's 4x.

In general, the Note 20 Ultra is the best phone, and in fact the S20 Ultra has the most disappointing camera of the 2020.

Camera at the bottom of the screen

IZTE has already introduced the first cell phone with a camera at the bottom of the screen. Will Samsung dare to bring this short-term technology to its Galaxy S range? We’ll have to wait, but it would certainly be a good surprise.

We would have had the first Galaxy out note, no hole in the screen and no water at all. To date, all full-screen models have a camera vela, and that always has problems if you want to immerse yourself in water.

Scheme similar to face ID

If you can't install an invisible camera, you wouldn't want Samsung to install a face recognition system like Apple. Manufacturers do not bet to do so because this requires a physical note.

But as long as Samsung's ultrasonic fingerprints are more reliable, it may be best to have a secure biometric face system. The S20 and Note 20 use 2D recognition to unlock the phone.

Snapdragon for everyone

Unless Samsung is able to produce Exynos chips of Qualcomm's 8 series, then we would like it to include the Snapdragon 875 directly on all S30 phones by the next 2021.

By doing so, the company will significantly improve the performance of mobile phones for European customers. They have been buying a cell phone for years with better battery life and performance and performance than those with the Galaxy S with Snadpragon.

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