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SteelSeries QcK Prism 3XL, QcK Prism 4XL y QcK Prism 5XL



SteelSeries QcK Prism 3XL, QcK Prism 4XL y QcK Prism 5XL

There are such new products, a series created in an effort to establish a seat in a particular market, and there are products or series that matter in the background and that version after version follows at the top.

Here's how we can fit a QcK mattress from SteelSeries, and the numbers support them: 14 million units sold and assembled. What are the new features of this QcK Prism?

QcK Prism 3XL, QcK Prism 4XL, QcK Prism 5XL, maximo espacio

QcK Prism 3XL y QcK 3XL QcK Prism 4XL y QcK 4XL QcK Prism 5XL y QcK 5XL
Face Screen Screen Screen
Foundation Rubber Rubber Rubber
It should RGB cosido RGB cosido RGB cosido
Negro Negro Negro
Size 1220 mm x 610 mm 1220 mm x 762 mm 1600 mm x 800 mm
RGB Yes Yes Yes
Weight Not specified Not specified Not specified
Price $ 99.99 to $ 49.99 $ 119.99 to $ 69.99 $ 149.99 to $ 99.99

If we are one of the players who play with a very low DPI and tend to make large direct or horizontal mouse movements, a large mouse pad will fit us like a glove.

In this case, all models share features except one: their size, so let's get to know them better if possible. First of all, SteelSeries offers three different sizes, all of which are unique and home-based, at least, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Models as mentioned QcK Prism 3XL, QcK Prism 4XL, QcK Prism 5XL, in some cases, as we shall see, they go from great to small

  • QcK Prism 3XL -> 1220 mm x 610 mm
  • QcK Prism 4XL -> 1220 mm x 762 mm
  • QcK Prism 5XL -> 1600 mm x 800 mm

To get an idea, we are talking about mats that can be larger than most standard desks, but are designed to deliver good mobility and ergonomics for users.

With or without RGB, premium fabric materials and a rubber base

As is customary within these labels, their best material SteelSeries has been able to select, starting with a larger quantity fabric where the number of fibers has increased to improve the already smooth surface.

This allows the accuracy of any mouse, be it optical or laser, to improve, and with it our purpose or the choice of click on screen. They just put the RGB system on their edges, which is completely customized on the company's software and has two completely independent sites to create bright results.

However, SteelSeries has similar models without RGB, for those who do not need it. These species are called QcK 3XL, QcK 4XL, QcK 5XL and contains the same features and features as Prism models, do not forget their solid, non-slip rubber base to prevent unwanted movement.

Prices are offered in series. Therefore, QcK Prism 3XL, QcK Prism 4XL y QcK Prism 5XL are now available via $ 99.99, $ 119.99, and $ 149.99 respectively, the ability to purchase currently at

QcK 3XL, QcK 4XL and QcK 5XL models are offered at $ 49.99, $ 69.99, and $ 99.99, as it is only sold on the manufacturer's website, therefore, availability is faster.

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