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Team Group QX, the largest SSD on the market with 15.3 TB



In fact, the most common power supply on SSDs in the current market is from 250 GB to 4 TB, this is already very expensive for ordinary users. However, it is not unreasonable to see home PCs with 1-2 TB SATA 3 SSD, which completely protects the need for high-capacity storage drives.

Group QX, the most powerful SSD you can buy

It is true that for some time there have been suggestions from manufacturers with similar skills to the Team team, but this is the first SSD of such a large capacity – the unwanted ones – the average user can buy it, as all other proposals were directed at the business sector, or simply sat there, proposals.

Group QX SSD GroupThere is no doubt that if you decide to buy this SSD, you will have a lot of storage that you need, even if you are an expert and dedicated to high-resolution video editing, it is difficult to complete it quickly.

Technical features

Group QX Group
Form factor2.5 “
InterfaceSATA 3
Power15.3 TB
Parent company
Break it down
Garbage Collection
EncryptionXTS-AES de 256 bit
Sequential reading560 MB / s
Writing sequence480 MB / s
Strength2.560 TBW
Usage0.003W does not work
0.2W average
2.1W high reading
Top 7W writing
Active temperature0 – 70 ºC
Size100 x 69.9 x 7 mm
MRSP$ 3,990
Warranty5 years
Weight10 grams
Warranty5 years

Like a good SSD with a SATA 3 interface, its speed is not a panacea, but is located in the upper middle of the table with 560 MB / s literacy of 480 MB / s. One of the most outstanding features of this SSD 2.560 TBW

, which offers great SSD life; we can write more than 1,400 GB per day in its memory for 5 years until the end of its durability.

Team Group QX uses 3D QLC memory, which not only allows it to deliver 15.3 TB of mass storage, but also has great durability. Therefore, this SSD supports intelligent SLC storage and all security technologies to increase device durability. At the same time, it has low power consumption like all SSDs of this format.

Of course, this SSD not only has great power and durability, but it comes with all the latest technologies including the TRIM operating system for Windows, which allows you to free up the system blocks you are using to write data. It has access control technology designed by NCQ to accelerate data transfer, effectively reducing memory cell damage. It also incorporates ECC technology for debugging and garbage collection.

Price and availability

The 15.3 TB TeamGroup QX is now available, but you can't find it in stores just like that. Conversely, the manufacturer has announced that it will only make this SSD an order, but anyone can order it through their website or through authorized distributors.

As for its price, the manufacturer has announced it for $ 3,990, which will always translate into something else 4,000 euros more or less.

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