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Technical comparison of the Corsair K70 vs Razer BlackWidow, better?



Technical comparison of the Corsair K70 vs Razer BlackWidow, better?

It's worth mentioning the fact that, being the biggest models of both manufacturers, there are many different approaches to them, so what we're going to compare here are standard product lines. After all, within the available options, each user will choose the one that best fits the price and features, obviously. Also, speaking of price, the Razer keyboard is cheaper than the Corsair versions, at least when we go to the top of the range options. Here are a few examples:

Corsair K70 vs Razer BlackWidow, technical features

The Corsair K70Razer BlackWidow
TypeThe blacksmithThe blacksmith
to illuminateRGB (CUE)RGB (Chroma)
Type of connection2x USB Con pass2x USB Con pass
Anti-ghostingCompleto N-Key RolloverCompleto N-Key Rollover
Multimedia managementIt's a given, with a digital digital wheelWith shortcuts
CompatibleWindows, Mac, LinuxWindows, Mac, Linux
ChangeCherry MX speed
Cherry MX Red
Cherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Blue
Cherry MX is quiet
Cherry MX Speed ​​LP
Cherry MX Red LP
Razer Green
Razer Orange
The Yellow Razer
Type of cordMalladoMallado
Length of cable1,8 m1,8 m

To begin with, we find a key difference between these two keyboards, and that Corsair has been the partner of a famous manufacturer still blooming since the beginning of time and, therefore, it offers the K70 models with almost every replacement available, including that low profile, Corsair is the only manufacturer in the market that offers replacement Cherry MX Speed ​​LP


For its part, Razer offers BlackWidow in three categories, i Razer Green (with clever feedback and clicking audio, equivalent to MX Blue), the Razer Orange (with a gentle but quiet response, the equivalent of MX Brown) no The Yellow Razer (except for the intelligent, precise and quiet response, which is equivalent to MX Speed ​​because it also reduces its point).

Options to choose from and this will depend on the preferences and preferences of users, but one of the basic differences we found is that the Corsair K70, unlike the Razer BlackWidow, has multimedia buttons provided for music and video, including usable content digital volume that will allow us to always have this control. BlackWidow, in its Elite version, also has volume wheels, but in other types of multimedia controls are made short by the combination of keys.

On the other hand, both game buttons have wrist rest included as standard, have the same size, and both feature USB Passthrough. In addition, they both have RGB independent configurations for each key, each with its own configuration and management framework, so in all respects they are the same.

Which of these two keyboards should you buy?

Both of these keyboards are the best, and the best thing is that for both manufacturers we have a lot of choice to choose the type of switch that we like the most, because this is a key feature of the keyboard and especially when it is intended for gaming. In this regard we have to say that the Corsair K70 wins by offering a number of options, but also because it is the only two that offer low conversion.

Another point that favors the Corsair model is multimedia management, although as we have mentioned the Elite model of BlackWidow also incorporates it. However, when the Razer keyboard wins, even though this depends on the taste, it still rests on its wrist, much cheaper than Corsair, which is heavy plastic. This depends on the taste as we say, but the a priori here is BlackWidow wins in quality.

In short, they are two keyboards and mostly sports, with some differences but ultimately with the same functionality, not to mention that – in terms of versions – they cost almost the same. In other words, we can't say that one is better than the other, but if we do recommend we would recommend the Corsair K70 for having many variants available for its replacement. However, whatever you choose, you can't be wrong.

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