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TelexTervation has announced the results of 2019 and announced 2020 news




TelexTorage, a company specializing in the commercialization and integration of IT solutions, presented results for 2019, among which there is a 25% growth compared to 2019 of its annual payroll and enhanced some key components of its 2020 strategic plan.

“2019 has been a very difficult year with the introduction of a fully fledged election process. Without further ado, it started with a dollar value of less than $ 40 and ended with a price of more than $ 60 or about $ 80 when we look at new offers that give double the power of the exchange market, below the tax threshold. Like all of our trace elements, we have maintained a policy to meet the needs of our customers with the best technology possible. The challenge has been to continue to produce sustainable projects and solutions. We developed the projects through extensive integration, where we introduced proposals including servers, storage, network communication and visualization. We have been able to establish ourselves as a solution integrator, maintaining a powerful data storage technology, something we have pioneered. Our varied solutions have allowed us to provide customer service, our strategic partnering has allowed for greater growth and we have reached new customers who have entrusted us with their company information, ”he explains. Mariano Denaro,

President of TelexTorage and emphasized: "From a trading point of view, we have exceeded the set targets at the beginning of the year, which showed growth compared to 2018, which we believe is a huge success in terms of overall positioning and evidence of market recognition. We have achieved growth in dollar amounts compared to the previous year at 25%. ”

“In 2019, we open new offices in Argentina. We feel the need to innovate and provide better and better comfort for our customers, too, with our team of partners. We have a wide, modern and high-quality space for customers, suppliers and our people to be comfortable, ”he said. Martin Denaro, Director

TelexTorage Commercial, and emphasized: "In our new offices, services are key, because timely advice can help to avoid unnecessary investment or send you in the right direction, because we will work with our customers. We will continue our growth, we will continue to investigate the needs of our clients to bring in new solutions. market and continue to offer exceptional value. ”

"We are ready to grow in our revenue, as luck has been in recent years. Our eternal challenge with TelexT is to keep up with the new market needs. ”He explained. Mariano Denaro and noted: “By 2020 we plan to recruit staff to achieve the stated goals of service and growth of the customer base, without neglecting those who have been following and relying on us for many years, and to maintain the growth rate. our customers. ”

“The challenge for 2020 is to continue building projects and growing solutions. Many of our solutions have allowed us to provide customer service, our strategic partnering has allowed for greater growth and we have reached new customers who have entrusted us with their company information, ”said the president of TelexTorage He added: “We always believed that hard times are good opportunities, and that is true. We know that the overall economic climate is not ideal, but with TelexTorage, fortunately, it is continuing its path of growth and this change is a new commitment for the future. Although there are some budgetary restrictions for some customers, we maintain the quality of work, including staff, and believe we will have a great year. ”

“We are very grateful to our customers for the support they have given us and, in particular, at all times, regard them as reliable suppliers. From the perspective of our business we are starting a good year, too, we are keeping regular customers and adding new accounts. We hope that it will allow us to continue this growth journey we have had over the years, ”he emphasized. Martin Denaro

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