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The best 1TB SSDs for gaming PC




As always, keep in mind that depending on SSD technology, within the category of 1TB capacity we can get 960, 1000 or 1024 GB of capacity

The best 1TB SSDs for the game

As such, in this case we will opt for the SATA 3 interface (not PCIe / NVMe) to look for a economical but high-performance option, but keep in mind that it may be 2.5 inches or in M.2 format. , because many of these SSDs even have SATA interfaces even though they tend to decorate SATA with a 2.5 ″ format.

Samsung 860 EVO

This SSD has 1TB of the same capacity as everyone else on this list, and offers up to 560 MB / s of readability and 520 MB / s of writing, taking up almost the limit on its SATA 3 interface, so We'll have the best performance inside of the guidelines we've listed and, no doubt, is one of the best SSD games we can have on PC.

In addition, this device has a high durability (600 TBW), therefore, it is only appropriate to have the sole backup on a PC and be able to integrate everything without the fear that it will "wear out" very quickly.

Crucial MX500

The Crolcial & # 39; s MX500 family is also available in 2.5-inch format, but in this case we chose the M.2 model because it has a slightly higher performance: up to 560 MB / s read and write 510 MB / s, accelerated by technology by Micron NAND 3D.

This SSD is of great benefit, and is a technology for preventing malfunction, which means that either the power goes out or the PC hangs, no corrupted data will be produced. Its durability is 360 TBW, which is moderate and means that with standard use it will last for over 10 years without any problems.

Samsung 860 QVO

This other Samsung SSD is very similar to the EVO in terms of features, and in fact its performance is the same: up to 560 MB / s read and write 520 MB / s. The main difference is that this SSD uses 3D NAND QLC chips, so it's slightly cheaper than the EVO version that uses MLC chips.

Toshiba TR200

Toshiba TR200 1TB SSD

This Toshiba SSD promises speeds up to 555 MB / s and 540 MB / s writing, up to 81K / 88K at random read / write IOPS, making it ideal for high performance gaming and PC games. In this case, the Toshiba TLC 3D BiCS 64-layer chips were used, allowing the unit to have high durability and integrated protection systems.



We conclude this list of the SATA SSDs of 1 well GMAs (certainly less and less genres) with this feature) with this PNY model, the CS900. It promises speeds of up to 535 MB / s readings and 515 MB / s, has NCQ, Trim, SMART technology, error correction code and other protection programs, and its capacity is 360 TBW, ideal as we mentioned before. for PC games that want to have one SSD as the system and games endpoint.


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