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The best mini or mATX cube boxes for gaming PC



The best mini or mATX cube boxes for gaming PC

Thermaltake Core V21

This box allows for the installation of Micro ATX and mini ITX boards, and they are also installed directly. In a 20-inch fan front and 120-mm one behind the back completely cool. It supports a cool processor up to 185mm high, graphics up to 350mm, and fonts up to 200mm long.

This box also has a variant that can be adjusted to include the elements as you want, and in fact it also supports up to 240 mm long cooling rays, all in a 42.4 x 32 x 33, 5-inch box.

Cooler Master MasterCase H100

This Cooler Master box, despite being a cube type, has standard motherboard input mode vertically. For this purpose only ITX mini boards are supported, but heatsinks up to 8.3 inches high and graphics and fonts up to 210 mm long can be installed. It has a 200mm front fan installed to warm the entire interior, and its dimensions are 216 x 312 x 301mm.

Chieftec CI-01B-OP

This Chieftec box supports Micro ATX and mini ITX mini-motherboards, with horizontal installation. Compatible with heatsinks up to 15 cm in height, fonts up to 20 cm long and drawings up to 32 cm long. It has the peculiarity of having a hinge that allows you to open a book-like box for easy access to Internal Hardware.

Thermaltake Level 20 VT

This box, with a modern look, represents its aggressive glass on its six faces (both sides, front and roof) that allow you to see all the interior hardware. Includes a 200mm fan on the front, and supports mATX and mini ITX mini cardboards, with heatsinks up to 185mm in height, fonts up to 200mm and drawings up to 350mm, so you'll have no trouble installing the I -PC high-end gaming in this cube box or measuring 348 x 330 x 430 mm.

Bitfénix Prodigy 300

Another cube box with plate insert (ITX mini only in this case) horizontally. The case measures 404 x 250 x 359mm, features a 230mm fan at the front, and supports heatsinks up to 185mm high, 200mm long fonts and graphics cards up to 410mm long when the rack is removed. high-quality discs.

Bitfénix Phenom

This model also only supports the ITX mini boards inside. In fact the smallest version of the Prodigy is 25 x 37.4 x 33 cm (slightly smaller). It also includes a 120mm follower on the front and the same size on the back for cooling the interior, though it supports up to 230mm fans on the front.

Silverstone Sugo ST-SG13WB

This version of the Silverstone Sugo family is another cube box with horizontal planking. It supports plates in the Mini-DTX, mini ITX and FA ATX format and has a size of just 28.6 x 22.2 x 18.6 cm. However, it is capable of handling drawings up to 266mm in length, standard ATX sources, and heatsinks up to 130mm in height, although it supports the installation of 120 / 140mm electrical cooling systems.

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