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The best PC cases with USB-C on the front




Keep in mind one thing, and that is that all functionality is not enough that the box has a USB-C connector on the front, but that the motherboard also has to be compatible with it. Having said that, we go there with the list.

Corsair Crystal 680X

Carsair Crystal 680X PC Case with USB-C

What will we tell you about this box you may not know, since it is considered one of the best in the market in all areas. It is able to accommodate almost any existing Hardware, including large motherboards and regular liquid cooling systems. It has a dual-camer a design, a popular glass side and, a USB-C connector on the front.

Cooler Master cosmos C700P

Case Cooler Master cosmos PC via USB-C

The coldest and most expensive PC case so far also has a USB-C connector on the front. It supports ATX motherboards, graphics and fonts of any size, and is also optimized for traditional liquid cooling systems. It also has perimeter RGB light.

be quiet! Black background Pro 900 Rev.2

PC case is silent! Dark Base 900 Pro with USB-C

This large box from the German manufacturer is also future proof with a USB-C port on the front. It supports format motherboards up to E-ATX, power cards and graphics cards of any size, and a large number of hard drives.

Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M

Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M PC Case

We go from the tower tower format to the PC case midi format with this Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M, which of course has a USB-C port on the front. In this case, this case supports ATX motherboards or smaller formats, has 4 ā€³ hard drive slots, supports heatsinks up to 170mm in height, fonts and images of any size, all designed for the future of aluminum and and soft glass appeared slightly.


The front of the Aorus AC300W PC Case with USB-C

This is a simple, economical and functional box. It supports ATX format boards, stands for its RGB illumination with brand logo everywhere and its front-end connectivity, including HDMI port and USB-C, designed for virtual reality systems for any other need.

Phanteks Evolv X

Phanteks Evolv X PC Front Case with USB-C

Phanteks & # 39; Evolv X is another case of a PC with a USB-C front. This midi-formatted system supports ATX, mATX, or mini-ITX boards, graphics up to 380mm in length, heatsinks up to 165mm in height, and power supplies up to 180mm long. Made of SECC steel and noisy glass, of course.

In Win 301C

The In Win 301C PC case is also included with USB-C

The only small PC case on this list is the In Win 301C which has a USB-C connector on the front. It supports mATX or mini ITX motherboards, standard ATX format fonts, heatsinks up to 165mm in height, and graphics up to 330mm long, all in a box made of SECC steel and warm glass.


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