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The Intel Core processor 9-10850K is already on sale



The Intel Core processor 9-10850K is already on sale

There were many indications that the Core i 9-10850K would be an OEM computer company, such as the fact that it does not have Intel Thermal Velocity Boost technology, which relies heavily on processor temperature and This makes sense for the poor cooling systems OEM equipment has. However, it looks like Intel will eventually install this processor for sale in the DIY sector, as there are currently at least two stores that have put you on presale.

The Intel Core 9-10850K is now available for pre-order

Based on the construction of the Comet Lake-S at 14nm still, the Core 9-10850K is a 10 cores and 20 fibers process with HyperThreading technology operating at 5.20 GHz speed, without 20 MB of L3 cache memory. What’s different about other Core i9-109XX Series processors is basically what we already say, does not have Thermal Velocity Boost technology

, but otherwise it retains features such as a component that is open for over-handling.

So, this processor offers basically the same as the Core i 9-10900K but it works at 100 MHz slower. Its reference channel (SKU) BX8070110850K

, and as we mentioned earlier, there are at least two online stores for sale, corresponding to an estimated $ 449.

Indeed, per 100 MHz low performance when the processor does not have an opener without opening it is a good expert, especially for instrument players, because those ten cables and 20 strands at 5.2 GHz are certainly a good guarantee to work in any type of game even and for those who want to use their PC also video editing.

Two versions of Intel Celeron CPU Models appear

In line with these news, two new Intel Celeron systems have been developed based on the same LGA1200 socket. These Celeron G5905 (BX80701G5905) as well Celeron G5925 (BX80701G5925), both 2-core and 2-thread-only processors with shared cMB L3 cache and 58-watt TDP, the former operating at 3.50 GHz and the latter at 3.60 GHz.

Obviously, these two processes are at the lowest level of this generation and are aimed at computers of that age that do not have many performance requirements.

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