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The new Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with Plus and Kids models




Amazon has announced that the new one will go on sale soon tablet Fire with an 8 ”screen that promises lots of power and wireless charging. The new Amazon Fire HD 8 will be compatible with the Plus model and baby models for girls and girls.

As usual, it is the emergence of the previous model, so the changes are as expected: faster processor with less storage and twice storage (32 GB or 64 GB).

It comes with 2GB of RAM instead of 1.5GB and now supports 802.11ac wifi instead of 802.11n wifi. Another important change from the release of last year 2018 is that it uses a USB C charging port, not the old (and annoying) microUSB port.

Battery independence is also better in some ways and Amazon now guarantees that it can last up to 12 hours with medium use. This shows 20% more than before. Mode is also added gaming No interruption.

If you care about the colors of your body tabletYou will be interested to know that Amazon Fire HD 8 is now available in a more advanced range: White, Black, Twilight Blue and Plum (the same colors as the latest Fire HD 10).

Three newcomers pills from Amazon They will sell on June 3 in other markets, including Spain. If you want to get one, you'll be interested to know how much you can do. Other models may already be stored.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

The most exciting thing about this Amazon Fire HD 8 update is definitely its new version of Plus. It is the first time that a company has offered an option that has great potential at a small additional cost.

In this case, you will have 3 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB, which provides better performance when you have multiple apps and web pages open. You will have a very powerful charger (you can charge it fully in four hours and not five).

Another great feature of the Plus version is the wireless charging. In addition, it is designed to be used with the optional Mode Dock, which allows you to modify your own tablet in Smart Screen in the style of Echo Show 8.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2020)

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 baby program is the only one available with 32 GB of internal storage. However, and like the other two models, you can add up to 1 TB of additional space with a MicroSD card.

Like all plans for pills Children of Fire, the package features protective cover, in this case in blue, purple or pink. Includes one year subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited and a two-year warranty.


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