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The Oppo Find X2 Pro has made me love Android too



The Oppo Find X2 Pro has made me love Android too

Give me excellent scores on Smartphones like the OnePlus 6T, the Moto G7, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the LG V60, but none of them managed to evoke in me the memories I remember most as a professional critic: the rare feeling of using a beautiful new Android phone that many people would enjoy every two or three years.

I didn't expect the Find X2 Pro to be that phone. It's as big as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, works with the color operating system, and has no wireless charging. Usually when I check these issues I give the phone a low score and don't mind sending it to the company.

But other than that, the Find X2 Pro is convincing. It made me realize that I don't really need wireless charging and that the color operating system is much better than it was a year ago. The software is pretty cool, but it still looks and sounds like a pocket computer, that Android feeling of being unique in 2014 when everyone bought an iPhone 6.

I congratulate Oppo for listening openly to the critical and immediate feedback. Knowing that the company really cares and making those changes is great to see.

Aside from the large size of the phone, the screen size proves to be not too difficult to handle. I didn't like the capability of the S20 Ultra, but for some reason the Find X2 Pro has a little more balance in the hand and feels like a lightweight device. Its screen is also incredibly well balanced, and I like its tone better than Samsung's. It also helps that you set up the Pro to fully resolve 1440p at 120Hz. Maybe I like it because years ago Android didn't look so good.

I love the Find X2 Pro for its consultations and variants. The OnePlus Oxygen operating system is fortunately clean and spherical, but I like the look of the square and the construction of the Color OS icon better. The device cameras are also ideal for my personal use – the macro camera has always been the god of my work, while the wide angle and optical zoom of the x5 is ideal for outdoor photography.

Add to this a full waterproof, one of the best fingerprints on the screen and a 65W cable (which is so fast you'll never go back to it). The Find X2 Pro brought, at least for me, the first time I got tired of Android. When I pick up my iPhone now, it looks and sounds like an X2 Pro release for Android.

This is not to review completely, and on paper there are some problems with the Oppo phone, such as the lack of wireless charging and the high price of 1,199 euros. But I was surprised by the high quality of the phone as a whole, which was light years ahead of the original Find X and was much improved over last year's Reno 10x zoom.

After the many Android phones that have been on my desk in recent years, the Find X2 Pro has stood out as the one I deserve, and that's something I didn't expect.

Whether it's the right phone for you depends on whether you like big phones, or whether you need to charge wirelessly, and are willing to pay Samsung or Apple for a phone call made by both.

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