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The price of the Core processor is 9-10850K standing at $449



The price of the Core processor is 9-10850K standing at 9

This processor will be the second processor Comet Lake-S with 10 calls from the 10th generation of Intel, and as it emerged ripe on the benches, it was sent as a playful gem. Of course, if it is confirmed that Intel will sell this processor at this price, it will be all the most sought after processor in the history of the brand, something like this when they unveiled the Core i7-8700K.

The price of the Core 9-10850K will make it very attractive

It all comes with the online store Digital Storm, which adds a stated processor to their online setup for $ 449. The processor, with 10 cores and 20 process threads, unlocked duplicate and based on the Intel LGA1200 socket, is included for the Core 999900 (locked) costing $ 440 and for the Core 9-10900K Intel sells it for $ 499, so the price is really reasonable.

As you can see in the picture above, the price is “calculated” because of the price difference with other processors, the price at which it is known.

Processor only OEM computers?

Intel separates Core i9-10900K from Core i9-10850K, releasing the last of the Thermal Velocity Boost work; therefore, the processor has a high boost speed of 5.20 GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 algorithm. In theory, the lack of a Thermal Velocity Boost is what led Intel to name this processor a “series” of 108XX instead of 109XX, or more or less, and that's why even processors with an open i9-10900 in i9-10900F have iTVB.

Of course, gamers may not want to win and save to buy this processor yet, because it is not yet known when the company will launch it in the consumer market; because it appeared on the seller's website pre-defined computers, it is possible that Intel will limit its sales directly to the OEM channel, that is, it may be a processor that will not be buy individually.

Lack of Thermal Velocity Boost will make sense in this case, because as you know it is a technology that allows you to increase operating frequency when heating requirements allow, and considering the poor cooling made for OEM machines As a general rule, it is by no means ideal for using this capability.

The processor, in terms of performance, works more or less in line with the Core i9-10900K in most cases, yes including games, so with a saving of 60 euros compared to this, the Core i9 -10850K will be a gem to play.

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