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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is much more advanced



The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is much more advanced

I have been using the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G for a few days and I can confirm that it is very much: very expensive, very large camera and very large screen.

The note has always been “very” in Smartphones, but personally I never thought it would be so great until now.

Samsung ignored the entire note premium, like the S-Pen, which no mobile manufacturers have tried to copy (except for LG devices). And while it is very expensive, I have always believed it is worth it if you want to have the best of both Android phones.

He Note 9 It was an old, mobile phone that incorporated an industrial design with powerful cameras and efficiency. And this is the last time Samsung has given users the Note what they wanted: the phone.

Before, you can get an Note every year knowing that this is what Samsung considered to be the best mobile device. The Note 9 arrived two years ago, and last year I liked the Note 10 Plus. But now, the Note series is confusing.

Last year’s note and Note 10 Plus were very similar, as the larger Note only offers screen adjustment and a higher battery. That was great, and they looked the same. Now he Note the 20 Ultra is surprisingly high for a typical 20 on paper. The latter has a plastic back and 60Hz display, too costs € 1,009 if you want it with 5G.

You can have a 90Hz display, a rear glass, and 5G with the OnePlus Nord. Of course, this mobile does not style but come on, Samsung. There should be one note as before and not the unusual offer.

The Note 20 Ultra, available only on 5G, and disappoints me. Its body is bigger than you would expect and I have no doubt that it hides a lot of camera. I didn’t like it on the S20 Ultra and I don’t like it here. Not all eye-catching icons in the world of tweet were unveiled, or a new Mystic Bronze color would cover us.

That size could also be due to the 4 500 mAh battery, which is higher than the 4,300 mAh in the Note 10 Plus. Considering that the Exynos version of the Note 10 Plus did not have a good looking battery, I was just beginning to opt for the Note 20 Ultra which is a bit smaller but has better battery life. We'll see.

The new matte finish of the phone is as good as it hides the fingers, but combined with its build quality, it sounds like plastic and the phone looks empty. It is so complicated to manage that you will want to protect it with a cover in any case, which exaggerates. I have had to put it in my bag so many times that it just came out of my pocket.

I will leave my opinion of his performance when I have spent a lot of time with him, and I think that is ours too review We will say that it is one of the best places in the market. But on the server, the Note series is missing. From the fastest to the best Android phone to the Note 20 Ultra, the standard extravaganza has hardware which tries to keep everything covered.

I have to say that the 120Hz screen is great, and that is what makes this phone better than others. Samsung excels every year with recognized panels, and that hasn't changed. Add to that S-Pen and you get a phone looking forward to the market, even if a new touch is not necessary.

Personally, I would bet on the Note 10 for sale – the phone has the best note you can buy, and still receives updates from software (three versions of the app depending on Samsung).

I understand that this epidemic makes any expensive cell phone an unnecessary excess, but even without this, the context of Ultra is too much.

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