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The SanDisk SSD Plus 480 GB offers a 33% discount




In the past, SSDs were more expensive, and having more money meant spending more money. Things are changing, and today you can buy large volumes of SSDs at reasonable prices. So much more if so to give, as in the case of 480GB SanDisk SSD Plus what we will talk about today, which you can buy with 33% discount, leaving it at a better price than before.

You already know that installing SSD as a program storage is the fastest and cheapest way to improve the performance of the entire PC. Nowadays mehendi disks are used less and less, and that SSD even though SATA 3 as it is the one we are talking about today offers five times the performance, and this is a feature of everything we do on PC, from playback to script management.

Features of 480GB SanDisk SSD Plus

SanDisk SSD Plus
Form factor2.5 inches
AgreementSATA 3
The ability480 GB
NAND typeMLC 19 nm
The store
DevS sleep
Garbage collection
Sequence readings535 MB / s
Sequence writing445 MB / s
Fitness180 TBW
Use0.003W is worthless
0.2W average
A good read of 2.1W
7W writing
Operating temperature0 – 70 ºC
WarrantyThree years

It is true that the SanDisk SSD Plus is an entry-level SSD and that its functionality does not exactly push the SATA 3 connection to the limit, but by all means and that the read and write rates are lower. 535 and 445 MB / s respectively, which is enough to accelerate the PC compared to the mechanical disk.

This device uses MLC memory chips (Multi Layer Cell), which is able to store two pieces of information per cell and damage its stability. However, those MLC kits are already second-generation and their useful life has been greatly increased, and this SSD has a lifespan of about 180 TBW, which means we can write more 165 GB for a three-year day never giving up until its power is gone.


By finding SATA 3 interfaceThis SSD has the possibility that it is compatible with older PCs that do not support the new M.2 form factor via the PCI-Express interface, making it an excellent choice for upgrading an older PC or simply, putting more power into a PC that already has a smaller SSD.

Price and availability

SanDisk SSD Plus in its 480 GB version is currently available on Amazon for only 64 euros (giving us an average of € 0.13 per GB), with a 33% discount which means we will save another $ 31 euro, a third of his price. It's a great opportunity for those who want an SSD that has great functionality and portability but doesn't want or pay too much for it.


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