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The size of the installation and the cooling metrics are typically liquid




The first thing we need to know is the type of tube we will install: soft or stiff. This will mark the options to choose from, where there is a trick that there are not too many standards when it comes to metrics.

Each manufacturer works with some, selecting the ones that they find most attractive and where they design their equipment and sell their tube. The bottom line is that the threads are in all cases the same (G1 / 4), so the only thing that changes is the proper Metal (IN) and Exterior (OUT), which has a strong effect on the tube.

What needs to be done: the endless debate between producers who disagree

It would be a lot easier if all manufacturers were focusing on operating and selling the same metrics, at least in the same tube type, but no, this is not possible. It should be noted that strongly it seems that they reach an agreement that is either too general or too low and too risky, but softly … preferable to offer.

We won't go into the types of entries, because it's a topic we've seen in a long time ago, so if you don't have a lot of ideas it would be easy to start when to link later with this topic. We will break this article into a metric for rigid fit fittings and soft tube bones, making it easy to fence everything up.

Metric for soft tube lubricants

Logically, there are two differences to be made here, mainly due to the use given to each type of race. The barbers do not have a compression cord and therefore have only one metric.

This metric is "external", but if we look at the compression installation, this may be the case itself, since the exterior is marked with rope, important details so as not to be confused.

Bar 10 mm

10-mm bar

Bar 12 mm

12-mm bar

Bar 13 mm


Pressure 8/6 mm

8-mm compression

10/8 mm pressure


11-16 mm compression


Pressure 13/10 mm


Pressure 16/10 mm


Compression 16/12 mm


Pressure 19/13 mm


A metric for muscle stiffness

Push 12/10 mm


Push 16/12 mm

Push to 16-12 mm

Pressure 12mm


Pressure 13 mm


14mm pressure

HTC-14-mm compression

Pressure 16mm

HTC-16-mm compression

As we can see, the number of available metrics is exactly where it was once. The aesthetics of the installation vary depending on the manufacturer and the range, because we can find different types of fit with the same metric in terms of shape, colors or even storage systems with one or two O-rings.

In this case, manufacturers prefer to include both high-security and tube-binding, without counting on the wiring harness of the rigid tube installation.

Remember that in the case of a soft tube, it is necessary to look at the two metrics (ID and OD) because the tube "accepts" the qualification, that is, the correct one goes into the tube. In the case of solid tubes, only the OD metric is given as a general rule, since the tube comes in clean inside the fitting itself.


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