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The update for the Doogee S95 Pro, a passenger cellphone




Robust mobiles – often called anti-knock or mobile-off-Road mobiles – are not all you can expect from their name, or at least they should be. Its resistance to making it ideal for those who regularly travel or train in dangerous sports.

Doogee has been producing this kind of Smartphones and often they live by it. At PCWorld, we were able to test out its latest model, the Doogee S95 Pro, and it has not often slowed us down. Of course, you always look at who your target audience is.

The weight of a curved phone such as the S95 Pro would have pushed us back if we didn't keep in mind that the main attraction is for travelers looking for a tool with a longer battery life.

And without further delay, here is ours to review finish.

Price and availability

One of the great benefits of the Doogee S95 Pro is its price. It is smartphone mid-range, or at least as far as pricing goes, with a suggested price of just € 399.99 (or € 499.99 for its Super Mod version). You can buy them inside Amazon.

You'll also find the S95 Pro there Aliexpress, where the price varies depending on the services you decide to buy, either the battery and the Super Mod printing press, or about ears, a wireless charging base or screen protector.

Design and production quality

In the event that it is not clear enough, the Doogee S95 Pro is a solid cell phone, so it is thought to be a special form of resistance. This is achieved because of the materials used: a metal house with a rubber cover around the edges.

You know that screen is usually a weak point of this kind SmartphonesDoogee installed a panel with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. For added protection, the S95 Pro comes with a screen protector and more.

So, this Doogee, though not the most attractive of the market, offers enough courage to take it to the mountain without fear of being hit by a rock or crossing a lake and robbing it forever.

In this sense, pedestrians will choose the smartphone only case protection, because no matter how strong, the security will not be the same. Later we will explain in detail this disability we offer.

But the fact that a strong cell phone does not only mean that it is resistant, but also that it is large and heavy. The S95 Pro measures 168 x 79.3 x 13.8 mm and weighs 285 g without attached accessories. However, it is easy to handle with one hand.

You can access all the buttons separately. It comes out on top of all the fingerprint sensor on the right and the personalized button on the left, especially useful for those who want to be able to call the ER with a single click.

When we turned the phone on, we found a triple camera in the central module. At the bottom, however, there are connector connectors where you can easily attach the battery or extra speaker.


Employee benefits

Let's start with what may be of great interest to you if you are one or a traveler who has come here to see if the Dogee S95 Pro is the right phone for you.

Modules can be accessed

For the price of € 100 more, you can get the S95 Pro with two accessories: an additional 3,500 mAh battery that lets you charge your mobile phone without the need for a cable and an external Hi-Fi speaker and that works wirelessly.

Well, not joining the ropes doesn't mean they work independently. As we explained above, you have to install them on a mobile phone using a magnet for the back, setting each module as a side effect.

The merge plan no longer exists. You will see that both the battery and the speaker will be quickly replaced. They are easy to put on and take off, but that gives them a sense of insecurity and we fear they may fall easily.

In addition, the accessories do not fit water or shock, something we do not understand when you consider that resistance is what most S95 Pro buyers want. We hope Doogee will change it to future models.

It's hard to determine the extra € 100 for how much these packages cost, especially when we look at the fact that you can't use them for anything else. We wonder if it's worth investing in the power of the bank or a Bluetooth speaker.

Leaving this aside, the modules are fully functional and their quality does not disappoint. The battery does not cover the rear camera, so you can continue to use your cell phone as normal when charging (although it adds extra weight).

The speaker's weight level really surprised us. In this case, the rear camera is covered, but the good thing is that it will not drain your cell phone battery, since it has a separate battery that lasts about 10 hours.

This supplement contains two 28mm speakers and has 6W power. The mobile speaker is already pretty good, but with this module the audio experience is enhanced and you'll know that even the bass is clear and transparent.


It is important to highlight the power of this laptop. The S95 Pro is not only resistant to shock and kick (with the MIL-STD810G military class), it is also water resistant (IP68) and high pressures and temperatures (IP69K).

Obviously you can soak it in water at a depth of 3 meters for 4 hours, which is very attractive to aliens. Of course, make sure you have the SIM card protection cover and the charging port firmly closed.

It also resists moisture (were you thinking of a trip to Amazon?) And in theory you shouldn't break it if you drop it from above your head to a thousand times (that should be more than enough).


The Doogee S95 Pro features some very useful tools for all climbers. In the folder & # 39; Fund Tool & # 39; you will find the compass, the sound meter, the height meter, the level, the magnifying glass, the direction, the barometer and the plumb line.

There is also an app to know if the image you are hanging on the wall is accurate, or it may not be a very useful tool while you're traveling. Instead, you might find it more pedometer to calculate your steps.

Button Side

In the previous section line, you have the opportunity to change the function of the S95 Pro side button. Specifically, you can decide what you want the cell phone to do when you tap, double-tap or long-press that button.

From the factory, you will see that no work is planned, but we think it will be most interesting to prepare you in & # 39; Settings & # 39; to call an emergency contact, turn on the light or open an app such as a camera or barometer.

Dual SIM and MicroSD card

Although this feature is not only cheaper, they will find it especially useful for the Doogee S95 Pro to install two Nano-SIM card slots when traveling to the Alps and want to place a local SIM card to avoid spending too much.

Best of all, the left side slot is also compatible with MicroSD cards with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. Therefore, you should not worry about running out of space if you are one of those who can resist taking all the pictures they see.

We thought the process of having two separate slots would speed up the process of placing both cards, which is often difficult when they are identical. However, it is costly to open a hole (which ensures protection) and to remove the tray.


The Doogee S95 Pro has a 6.3-inch IPS screen with a Full-HD + resolution of 2160 x 1080 and a pixel density of 384 ppi. Panel level is everything you would expect from a device with these features and price, or more.

You shouldn't have any problems seeing any of the 1080p content, even though we should have known we couldn't see what the screen looked like on very sunny days (winter in London, you can only imagine the weather).

As for the brightness of the panel, it was enough, even though we couldn't test it in the most sunny places. He software Spyder has calculated the illumination of 486.38 nits, somehow above the average for mobiles tested in our laboratory.

The S95 Pro screen has a wide viewing angle, which means you can show your group of friends a video of your final safari at the same time. Now, that also means they can easily monitor your phone activity.

If you are interested or interested in a mobile phone with a screen other than velvet, this is not the best fit. The screen is surrounded by wide edges, especially on the chin and top, where there is notch Front camera.


To to review on other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy or iPhones, we would have included our analysis of the high-end cameras, but in this case we consider them to be additional.

smartphone the main attraction is its resistance.

That said, our experience with these cameras has never been so optimistic, especially when you stop using a large lens, and this has disappointed us. We understand the price and the S95 Pro community, but hopefully Doogee can redefine it in future models.

Of course pedestrians who purchase this service would like to use a wide angle to hold a nice spot or a strong zoom to bring out an animal in the largest tree branch.

The Doogee S95 Pro has a triple rear camera with a large IMC586 48 MP lens, an 8 MP phone lens (up to 10x zoom) and a 117 degree wide angle. Ahead, we got the camera selfie with a 16 MP lens.

As we mentioned, and as you can see in the photo gallery below, the 48 MP lens gets good results, especially when it is day or night, as long as it is on a light road.

The rear camera is equipped with state-of-the-art implant technology, which legally we have to improve the results. The fact is that we have not seen any better, rather worse as using 5 MPs, 8 MPs and 12 MP sensors and it is pretty much lost.

Be careful when activating AI, because if you do not remember to take it out you will not take advantage of all the 48 MP lens power. With AI activated, you won't be able to take pictures at a wide angle, even though you see the results, it's almost better.

While the default macro mode allows you to capture close-quality images, wide-angle and telephoto lenses leave much to be desired. The same goes for night mode, which we don't know why they installed.

On the other hand, the wide angle gets a very odd effect. This image is blurred except for a clear area in the center. Zoom is also of poor quality, and the effects get worse after 2 hrs.

On the other hand, night mode does not have a midpoint: either the burned or exposed images or the contrast with the images can not be seen without active mode. Only in the darkest places can you see the most defined objects.

But the front camera, will let you do it yourself selfies of excellent quality, though it must be weather-friendly. Therefore, i selfies The portrait mode works well and looks good when it's bright.

Don't miss our selection of photos taken with the Dogee S95 Pro:

Doogee S95 Pro

Functionality, internal components and battery

To see the list of specifications, we can expect S95 Pro performance. It comes with a Mediatek Helio P90 processor and IMG 9XM-HP8 graphics card, as well as 8 GB of RAM (Samsung UFS 2.0) and 128 GB of storage.

The overall performance is excellent and shows that smartphone and power It is faster and responds to your needs faster. You will see it especially in games, which have lower latencies and faster than other phones.

Below you can see a comparison of our results benches:

We have been able to compare you to other solid mobiles like the AGM X3, which is comparatively successful in all features. Instead, the S95 Pro beat the Dogege S90 in screen tests (Geekbench failed when we tested the S90).

We wanted to compare it with Samsung Galaxy A80, sold in the middle of last year 100 percent over the S95 Pro. The performance results are the same, but it's not surprising that the Galaxy wins on screen.

The Doogee S95 Pro comes with a massive 5,150 mAh internal battery. In the box you will find a quick 24W charger, in our test it is enough to charge 36% of the battery in half an hour.

This phone's battery lasts longer and you can spend the quiet of the weekend outside at a nearby supermarket. If you need to charge a battery, you can always use a 3,500 mAh external battery.

Communication with audio

In addition to the mobile, in the Dogee S95 Pro box you will find the fastest charger ever mentioned, with power adapter and USB-C cable. This is smartphone It also comes with 10W wireless charging.

In the pocket, however, headphones are not included. The cellphone does not have a port jack, which means you have to make sure the protective helmets you are buying are USB-C or you can just bet on some wireless headphones.

If you are one of those who love to play music upstairs, you would like to know that the quality of the rear speakers is more than good behavior. However, if you are in an open position we suggest you use a docking module, which has support so you can support the mobile.

The S95 Pro is also compatible with standard wireless communication standards, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, you can use NFC to make payments through Google Pay or to exchange data with other devices.

As for biometric systems, this is smartphone Includes both fingerprint sensor (setting and receiving thumb is less expensive) and face recognition (much easier to register and use to open the screen).


Doogee S95 Pro comes with Android 9.0 Pie, a version of the Android app that gave us great results. During mobile optimization we were already getting an existing update, which was quick to install.

Therefore, i software This Doogee is all you can expect from any Android 9.0 Pie Pie. The most prominent of these works are those mentioned above, especially for those who will use them as a child in their journeys.

You may want to take advantage of all the fast-paced functions you offer: from configuration opportunities on the side key to engaging in specific body movements to performing specific tasks, and passing by being able to set up a fingerprint sensor for more than just opening.

The most useful feature is the DuraSpeed ​​function, which allows for background apps that do not have a strong effect on the performance of your phone and the applications you open are performing very quickly.

The only complaint we have with the S95 Pro is its nocturna night mode. To put it simply: it's disappointing. Turn it on and your screen will start to glow, leaving the amber tone of the mode activated in the white mode light without turning on immediately.

The decision

How could it be otherwise, the Doogee S95 Pro is a robust cell phone designed for pedestrians or risky sports enthusiasts. If this is you, you will love its resistance to shock, water, dust and high temperatures and pressures.

You will also find a barometer, height meter and other tools included in a very useful tool. software, and the possibility of setting up one of the side buttons as a shortcut to the Emergency Department when in trouble.

You won't be disappointed with its performance, especially its battery, which will allow you to take it on tour without fear of going out. You can pay extra to have an external battery and a speaker, although it is not entirely convenient and you will choose to purchase other accessories that you can use with other devices.

Our biggest gift has been the camera, especially as the industry is saturated Smartphones inexpensive or inexpensive with amazing cameras. 48 MP lenses work well with good light conditions, but zoom, wide mode and night mode are a failure.

Specified List

  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Processor: Helio P90
  • Graphic card: IMG 9XM-HP8
  • RAM memory: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB (expandable with MicroSD card up to 256 GB)
  • Display: 6.3 inch IPS (2160 x 1080, 384 ppi)
  • Rear camera: Triple camera 48 MP (Sony IMX586) + 8 MP (f / 1.8) + 8 MP (f / 2.4)
  • Front camera: 16 Mp (f / 2.0) camera
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB-C port (no port jack)
  • Battery: 5,150 mAh (+ 3 500 mAh external battery)
  • Dimensions: 168 x 79.3 x 13.8 mm
  • Weight: 285g


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