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Third Period Season: when and where to watch it




The Dynasty in the series is that although it hasn't been as popular as others in Spain, it also has a significant number of fans and followers. And no wonder why.

The series, released in 2017, entertained us with a recount of one of the most spectacular dramas in the United States: conflicts between two powerful families in the country, namely, the Carrigtons and the Colboys.

It puts the energy of looking into the living room of your home a luxurious lifestyle, sometimes taking the luxury of overstepping bounds to suspects. Why are they powerful? Black money, betrayal and death. (So ​​you will never be too jealous).

The two families are a rival in everything they do, and in this case, the story is recounted by the sight of Callon Carrigton, Billake Carrigton's daughter and future fiancée, Crystal.

The story is nothing new, it was first told in an epanced series that was successfully launched in 1981 and managed to last for up to nine seasons in the broadcast. Will this reboot hold many seasons in the air?

When and when will you get this new season spirit?

So far the series has been airing for two and a half seasons. We say "Half" because the third season interrupted its broadcast on May 8. That is, it was broadcast on US CW channel from October 19, until the aforementioned episode.

Netflix will feature the entire season of its platform (in some respects it talks about the fourth season, though it is actually a third season). Starting May 23, Netflix range will be available worldwide.

If you don't have a Netflix account yet, you should know that this is the only (at least legal) way to see Dynasty. For prices starting at 7.99 euros per month you can enjoy the entire catalog Netflix series and movies whenever you want.

The fact is that it is self-sufficient. We like the option of being able to create a four-person account so we share the total cost of your subscription. That is, if you choose a premium package, you'll be able to watch Netflix on four screens / devices at the same time.


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