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This wallpaper can ruin your Android



This wallpaper can ruin your Android

Sometimes mistakes software they come from nobody who knows where he came from and no one can predict that. But the reason why this background can slow your Android phone is quite amazing.

At the end of last May, calls from various users began to power up or restart after using a very special Android cache. This was reported in this tweet from the Ice Universe.

Using it may cause some Android devices to restart, a malicious circle can only be broken if the device is backed up in safe mode and then remove the screen saver before restarting it in a “normal” way or by deleting background information using a file search engine.

In extreme cases, some users have had to fix this problem using Device Recovery Mode. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to do it successfully and couldn't get their mobile phone.

That's why we recommend not downloading or editing this wallpaper on your device.

Why did this happen?

You are certainly wondering if what seems to be a harmless wallpaper with a place of mountains and clouds should upset all of this. The answer lies in the width and width of the image.

According to developer Di Bianco, the image is adapted to the RGB color space, not to the Android color space, sRGB. The fact that some image values ​​exceed the sRGB width is sufficient i program Android failed.

After further investigation, other sources such as 9to5Google They make sure that the only devices affected are those that have Android version 10 or installed previously. These are all Android devices on the market today.

Apparently, according to the preview by Android 11 For developers, the latest version of the app automatically converts images using this unsupported color space, making the same errors impossible.

This means that, in fact, almost all Android phones are at risk of the consequences of using this wallpaper. It seems that the most vulnerable are working on mobile Samsung galage and Google Pixel.

How can you solve this problem?

David Bianco has already proposed a possible solution for Android by suggesting that they should reduce the ‘and' number of images (size or brightness) to 255. In addition, she has posted her response to the interview. Android Open Source Project.

It looks like Samsung is aware of this error. According to details from SamMobile, the company plans to include bug fixes in its next updates software for your Samsung Samsung.

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