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What happens to the hard disk file system




The downsides to the operating system file system relate to how the data is stored on the hard drive and, whether you believe it or not, is a factor that affects the way we use a computer every day. Let's see it.

What is happening

Imagine all the files you store on your hard drive catalog in the library through books, newspapers, magazines or general documents. Each new outgoing number is added to the catalog, changing its details slightly, but the good thing about this is that instead of searching the entire library of a specific number, you should search the catalog for compatibility and accessibility.

So, for example, you have a list of journals where new newspapers are added daily, another magazine catalog where new weekly numbers are added, or another comic book catalog that works similarly. So, when you want to search a magazine, you will not want the entire library, though you should look at the magazine catalog to find out where you are


Hard drive runs the same way. Its purpose is to track all changes that take place on the hard drive but are not currently provided in the file system; well or or the light goes out and the PC is off unexpectedly, the latest version of the file will be available via less chance of deception


The term «magazine distribution» comes from «magazine», a newspaper in English. Each change is recorded in a new journal entry and saved with a date and time, and is stored in an integrated part of the hard drive to shorten access times, although of course, not all "journals" should be written together. That doesn't matter as long as the file system knows where these catalogs are in order to access them quickly.

Travel scheme

Why is it so important?

The goal is to use this method decrease the space required by the index on the hard drive, too increase the speed of access to any file. In fact, instead of having an index with hundreds of thousands of entries, files are categorized, telling the file system where everything is and including its switchlog, which allows us Avoid data corruption in case of unexpected heavy screen locking.

By documenting the changes in this "journal" as soon as they occur, we can ensure that any changes to the files are included and not lost during a hard drive failure or gas outage.


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