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What is Intel CSE, what does it mean and how does it work in your processor?




There are many risk factors that can affect our computers, and one of the main sources of them is PC processors. For this reason, and in an effort to reduce, reduce, and minimize these problems, Intel created a security platform called Tee, of which Intel CSE is a part. Let's see what it contains.

What is Intel CSE?

Intel CSE stands for Reached Security Engine, a process embedded in TEE (Reliable Death Eater) And that overall, it consists of a collection of firmware and hardware that creates a secure environment in which to carry out any type of application, preventing the execution malicious software including equipment or cause leak data.

Offered Tee in a secure way to use the authorized security software and firmware known as Trusted Applications (TA), which may in Java be first used in firmware. Within TEE, each TA is independent of the others, and all must use the CSE process to verify their validity. Tee also exercises its own rights protection, except for the confidentiality, integrity and access to the resources and data that Tas owns.

In other words, for software to be able to use a computer, it must be a kind of "white list" of applications that are trusted and verified by the system, and the Intel CSE method is an important part of ensuring this.

Security Certificates and Importance of Intel CSE

One of the functions of Intel CSE machine is to review security certificates. For example, when installing a driver component of a hardware component, it must be accompanied by a certificate that verifies the authenticity of the data included in the program.

You can see this on your own Windows, from the Device Manager you want any part, to access its property and in the "Driver" tab, the "driving information" button will show you this information.

Details controller

Each driver file included in the program must be accompanied by its corresponding digital certificate, signed by the company (for example, see the driver's license properties, signed by NVIDIA). The Intel CSE system is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the material. these certificates allow you to issue their code.

Intel "Intel" right

Although some software is authorized at the firmware level to perform certain tasks on a computer, it does not mean that you are given a carte blanche to do what you want. To do this, Intel's protection method involves different levels of threat privileges through Intel Management Engine.

Intel CSE right rings

Colloquially, these categories are described as follows:

  • Ring 0: the highest right, which has the ability to access the system.
  • Ring 1: allows access to the hypervisor, which can perform remote actions.
  • Ring 2: the so-called «System Control», at this level you can find, for example, drivers, which allow you to adjust the relative code to boot.
  • Ring 3: Here you will find the most applications, which are simply using the digester's instructions.


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