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Why could Prime Day 2020 be better than Black Friday?



Why could Prime Day 2020 be better than Black Friday?

Amazon has announced it will celebrate Prime Day on October 13 and 14, which puts the event just six weeks before Black Friday, this year on November 27.

The closeness between day and day makes us wonder: is it necessary to wait for Black Friday, or will the Prime Day specials surpass those of Black Friday?

If you have never made a purchase during Prime Day, in this article we look at some of the top reasons why you might want to start this year, even if you cancel your subscription after the end of the trial.

Don't miss our full Amazon Prime Day guide to find out everything you need to know about this event.

Amazon prices will no longer drop

Prime Day is Amazon biggest selling event, and it’s possible Amazon won’t lower prices if Black Friday hits. This could tarnish the image of Prime Day

. Assume that Prime Day prices will be below Black Friday prices.

With the Prime Day celebration so close to Black Friday, it could be the first signal of the sales season to prepare for the holiday season.

This also means that other stores, such as Fnac or MediaMarkt, may be trying to match Amazon prices for Prime Day.

Stores can also try to entice you with other incentives, such as an additional 5% discount, promotional packages or even free shipping the next day without membership fees.

Delivery: don't wait for the moment to get up

The last thing you want when shopping at your Christmas stores is a delay or lost orders. Avoid the fury of Black Friday and Christmas, especially now as the lock has caused many people to shop online.

And while the Prime Day celebration in July is good for acquiring transactions in the summer, it makes it hard to predict that prices will continue to decline ste adily in the next few months, especially in the technological world where prices fall sharply as new ones emerge. products.

Having a big Amazon sales event at the end of the year has the great advantage of being able to buy your Christmas gifts early, and it also gives you enough time to deal with trade and returns.

Brexit and Amazon Shipping

This year will also be different because of Brexit. The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020. As a result, Amazon announced that from January 1, 2021, its European network would cease operations between the United Kingdom and Europe, making it difficult for products to flow. .

This will affect both those who buy Prime products from European retailers from the UK and those from European consumers (including Spaniards) who buy products from British retailers.

This logistics network allows merchants to place goods on other continents so that their goods can be found in those markets quickly and easily.

For example, if you, a Spanish customer, are buying a mobile case from a French retailer, it is possible that the count of charges against a French retailer is in the French warehouse.

From January 1, Amazon retailers will have to manage and pay shipping and return costs to the UK, which could mean higher prices for customers, especially when it comes to New Year’s exchanges and returns. .

This makes it much easier to take advantage of your Prime subscriptions now if you buy more from Amazon retailers in the UK.

Best Offers for Amazon Devices: Echo, Fire, Kindle, and Hardware Hardware

While this may seem quite obvious, if you are looking for a smart speaker with Alexa, a tablet Fire HD o un student of e Kindle, you won't get lower prices.

Amazon has already introduced Prime Day preview of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and the new Amazon eero WiFi mesh system.

Last year, the Echo Dot, the smartest and most affordable speaker on Amazon, ran out of stock until just after Christmas. Now that Amazon has released the new Echo 4 ($ 99.99) and Echo Dot 4 ($ 59.99), we think they will be more successful than before.

Don’t miss the full list of products unveiled by Amazon on September 24, where you’ll see the price and availability.

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