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Will there be a cheap Samsung Galaxy Fold?




Samsung will be preparing the launch of the cheapest version of its Galaxy Fold wrap, which will arrive next July. This was said by the XDA Developers site, which has been synonymous with the following tweet, which has now been deleted.

To clear the GPS Fold 1 inventory before the launch of the Green Fold 2, Samsung will introduce the Glass Fold Special Edition in July at a price around $ 1099. Prices will be limited to ~ 55K worldwide. It should look like a Golden Fold 1. Great price!
– Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) May 13, 2020

Ross Young is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, an expert in supply chain and occasionally known leaky information about Samsung. He now confirms that the special edition of the Golden Fold has declined.

In the tweet, Young also confirms that the company will use unused parts of the original Fold to make this new item, which would cost about half: from $ 1,980 (in Spain costs € 2,020) to $ 1,099 (approx. € 1,019).

It is not yet clear that the name will be used & # 39; Special Edition & # 39 ;, but if the price is guaranteed, or will continue to be expensive, it will undoubtedly make the Fold more affordable for many people, who will never get that much for using this mobile phone.

Smaller also says that 55,000 units will be produced, a number that would quickly disappear or not be completed worldwide. Samsung said they sold 500,000 units of the original Fold.

XDA developers report that author Max Weinbach has been able to compare these rumors with other industrial sources. In addition, he believes Samsung may call it a & # 39; Glass Fold in & # 39; or a & # 39; Gold Fold Lite & # 39; and that it will only be 4G and will have a small screen.

Not everything disappointed us when we did Galaxy Fold Review, but they were hard to recommend because of its price, durability and unusual screen size. If the cheaper version comes with the Snapdragon 865 instead of the 855, things can change.

Either way, it looks like we'll have a much cheaper version of Samsung's wrap before the second generation arrives. Don't miss everything we know so far Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.


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