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Xbox Series S, a portable console for competing with Nintendo?



Xbox Series S, a portable console for competing with Nintendo?

Leaks occur Math Hargett on Twitter, where this PS5 chief engineer who has been working for several months with SONY has made explosive statements about what Microsoft is preparing, in response to one of the earlier Tweet about him. Tom Warren, which was already self-explanatory.

Microsoft can surprise SONY and enter into direct competition with Nintendo

It all focuses on Warren's Tweet, where he dropped a technical feature: 20 CUs. Apparently this is a thought-provoking and logical consideration of the CUs that are included in the Xbox Series S.

The story continues after the response of the club made by Hargett, which shot and killed with precision and sparked controversy at that branch and at international organizations. And that's it 20 CUs under buildings RDNA 2 AMD didn't mind the console claiming to handle Ray Tracing and 4K, but apparently they didn't.

This approach can be different: a portable console that can deliver games at 720p or 1080p based on the 20 CUs you mentioned 5 nm and that it is compatible with more than 900 games simultaneously.

There is no doubt that the idea is good, not as real as it is, but it will compete directly with the Nintendo switchch, where up to now the Japanese have dominated the market without fear of retaliation from the two main competitors.

Can Microsoft really compete with Nintendo and Xbox Series S?

Of course, it's not really difficult if what is reported is true. At least 20 CUs at regular intervals and in the TSMC final at 5nm will have no problem finishing Nintendo with their Tegra X1 at 20nm, unless the Japanese are forced to introduce a new console that competes with Microsoft's help with NVIDIA.

As if this wasn't enough, Hargett confirms that Microsoft could have 400,000 devices ready in the middle or end of the fourth quarter of 2020, to be able to introduce at the end of Q2 as much as possible if we follow or reduce the timeline they have marked.

Microsoft's idea with this console would be to offer medium or low resolution, but high FPS on-screen, to match the PS4 Pro's power to TFLOPS with at least over 1,500 MHz frequencies. Through this system 1650 MHz on the iGPU in fact it would already provide the same TFLOPS with the SONY console and its performance would be much better if it were mentioned with RDNA 2.

So, given that the details are well on the way to the announcement of the two announcements, SONY will introduce the same portable bet as it happens PSP or PSVita? Will they compete with Nintendo? How will these respondents respond to the challenge posed by them?

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