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Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release date



Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release date

In the case of the Xbox, it was the Internet from Finland that published the day of the game Yakuza: Like the Xbox Series X dragon giving a specific date; in the case of Playstation 5, the date is determined by the work provided by SONY Interactive Entertainment, in which case the only month the console will be launched. Let's see them both.

The Xbox Series X will arrive on October 23

According to the online video game store, Yakuza: As an Xbox Series X dragon will be released on October 23 of this year, and wouldn't it make sense to introduce a video game if the console wasn't yet on the road, would it? ? That is why it is thought that the release date of the Xbox Series X may be exact on October 23.

Of course, the store may have been wrong, but also that they know the date (they probably know it days in advance) and that they have published it without even realizing that this takes the launch date with it.

This release date is a pleasant surprise for fans who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Microsoft console, as it is expected to be November 20 for the first time, and this will increase console availability by about a month.

October PS5, and date unspecified

In the case of the PS5 this thing is a little twisted and you'll soon see why. It all comes with a job offer from Japan's SIE (SONY Interactive Entertainment), when they say the console will actually be released in October.

This release will make a lot of sense if the Xbox Series X release date also takes place the same month, as it looks like it might be. What seems clear is that SONY and Microsoft are looking at each other to see who is the first to confirm the release date of their console:

SONY denies the release date of PS5

SONY came forward with great speed to deny this possible date The console was launched in October, claiming it was a mistake by the company involved in the hiring and this was reported on the Japanese video game website Famitsu in a brief statement.

However, we can't rule out whether it was a SONY plan either; you know everyone is looking for the next move by both companies, people will really notice this “decline” in service delivery, and it may work to see how Microsoft responds to its “feint» type of pressure.

However, what is clear is that until both SONY and Microsoft make the official announcement of the release date of their respective consoles there is nothing specific, and yet you already know how this goes, because as with the launch of the Games, they can delay the day depending on how things go, and , their interests and what the competition is doing. What is clear is that if you know the time when both things will pass, things will be hotter in the video game world.

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