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Alien: The Blackout maker Rival Games closes its doors




Competition Games, Finland's 7-year-old studio after last year Alien: Blackout on mobile devices, shutting down is great. A senior studio official said that the economic downturn that contributed to the spread of COVID-19 played a role in this decision, but the epidemic was "just the cake, not the one to blame."

Launched in 2013, Competition Games also improved A thief Thieves, a 2018 adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic book series, co-produced by Kirkman & # 39; s Skybound Entertainment. The first studio game was an episodic narrative, Chapter three of 2014 Details, a film-noir crime story set in modern America.

"After the alien, things were calm for a while," wrote Jukka Laasko, CEO of Rival on Friday. "We have signed an agreement with Universal Studios to get a good picture of the AA PC / Shooter narrative." Laasko hoped that the project would help the Championship Games repay the loan it had raised to graduate and send Details.

But a few months into the pre-launch pregnancy, Laasko said, Universal had dramatically changed its priorities and closed the proposed game "in just a moment." Although Universal tried to help Rival find the publisher of the game they were building, "we never planned on installing it to external publ ishers, so the materials weren't there to convince anyone."

Championship games have never been profitable, Laasko said, and the best year to earn money was far from amazing. Holding corporations working with the capital and its allies for more money is no small feat because "it has been a long-standing company," he wrote.

When it closed its doors, Competition Games was working on a project called The Greenhouse Effect, a third person, is a news-driven drama “in a world where climate change has made daily life a challenge.”

Laasko provided this trailer for the character featured in the first game's build:

"We didn't have the resources to do something different that would be obvious to publishers, because we were starting to get soaked in smoke," Laasko said. Championship games are worth between $ 2 million. The Greenhouse Effect, "And there aren't many partners in that particular segment," he wrote. After hearing from enough publishers that the game was not a good fit for their portfolio, the rival finally closed.

High point for Rival racing Alien: Blackout, a tactical game in which the player guides trying to guide four people through a crippled space station, avoiding the fatal Xenomorph. Alien: Blackout, He finished in seven months, "showing off our skills as a sports studio," writes Laasko. "Although it would be disappointing to close the studio today, this is a game we can all be proud of for years to come."

Despite the closing of the Championship Game Thief Thief: The First Time and Alien: Blackout they will always be available in their digital markets, however Details i will brought down from Steam, Google Play and the App Store sometime soon.


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