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Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have thousands of useless Nooks




When I started Crossing the Animals: New Horizons, every Nook Mile I found was satisfying – hell, it was hard to keep them piled up. There has always been something new to open or buy, something to look forward to. Now that we're about to hit the two-month mark on the release of the game, those same points are now starting to feel worthless.

That's amazing, because the Nook Miles program is a wonderful addition to it New Horizons. I love that the game introduces me to the small challenges of things I might not have done without being instructed. Sometimes I don't stop playing because I am this is near complete a little quest, but have one more pop that can clear it without much effort.

I especially love the update on Animal Crossing Earth, which presented a new set of challenges to keep up with new content. It was an unusual challenge, too – I gained some points for putting flowers in my hair, not just for creating a random DIY recipe. But the challenges lasted for more than a week, and then I was left with the usual suspects. Cut down the trees. To catch five fish. Take a picture. I will 'em, but it is amazing to get back to the old creative after having some cool challenges at the booth.

But the main problem is that, while the system does a very good job of keeping you drawn, the rewards do not meet my needs. It's been weeks since I bought the whole DIY recipe and upgrade at the Niles Miles store. I also bought some things I didn't particularly like, just to make things interesting. I will buy a Mystery Island ticket every day to see what I get, but more often than not, it removes the basic nutrients from my native fruit and regular fish that I can find on my island. I still get these tickets, because there is a chance of a message on the bottle and a piece of furniture guaranteed from scrapped trees, but the cost doesn't seem worth it. I often find DIY recipes or ugly pieces of furniture that I'm not interested in. I would be happy to use all my Nook Miles in human hunting, but with a full island and no easy way to get the characters out, Me. I have the saliva I have.

For some players, the lack of game purchase options is not a problem. In the wider economy, fans often pay for Nook Miles tickets for entry to their islands, or use them to buy DIY items and recipes, otherwise citizens are obvious. However, I have found that this island hopping with strangers probably makes the game easier – if I can wash a little water every night, is that really special? Will I still have a reason to start the game every day as long as I can't do everything I want and find a dealer? I'm scared to find out.

Based on my conversations with other players, it seems that I'm not the only one with this problem. Most Polygon users have thousands of points for Nook Mies, none of which can be used, even though New Horizons & # 39; edit it as a game you check in daily. My only hope is that future Animal Crossing updates will revitalize the Nook Miles store, giving us not only new things to buy, but more expensive options for us and higher consumers.

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