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Call of Duty: Warzone player hit by a game car inside a Superstore




Call of Duty: Warzone is a military shooter, which means it is mostly played by real rules. For example: foreign cars, not indoors. Yes, it does Warzone players didn't get the memo, as one Very nice underwear clips shows the player being rushed into the store.

The Warzone maps the building called the Superstore. It is the last mall left to turn into an indoor battlefield, and is usually a pretty hot spot at the beginning of any war game. In a clip from Reuse user jullz2timez

, you see them getting a quick kill inside the Superstore, only to turn the face full of the Jeep.

The Superstore is not well designed for cars. When the jullz2timez turns around after they are killed, you can see the jeep still standing between the wall and the box to escape.

In the comment section, one user asked how jullz2timez didn't hear the jeep coming before it hit them? User Responded: "Because who's waiting for a Jeep fuckck at the Superstore?" Good question.

Next time coming down from the Superstore, be aware of the sounds of nearby cars – inside is not as safe as you thought.

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