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Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 update, battle pass details



Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 update, battle pass details

Release Street Map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Sixth Time will feature a Halloween-themed event in late October, as well as five new genres of multiplayer games, following the September 29 major revival.

Infinity Ward gave a preview of what will happen next month on Monday. Features available early September 29 at 2 a.m. ET include two new operators and four maps for many new players Warzone, and a subway system to help drivers cross Verdansk. That was first viewed late last week.

On the new maps, two – the Milstor Tank Factory and Broadcast – are multiplayer mode spaces. The Station and Verdansk Riverside will host the Gunfight and Ground War games, respectively. Killstreak Confirmed, which is different from Kill Confirmed Killing, also joins Warzone with Tuesday's renewal. In it, players' killers won't re-use to death, “so you'll want to quickly tag the tags as soon as you find your Killstreaks.” But staying alive will allow players to “threaten” the killing, by earning the same reward more often.

Photo: Infinity Ward / Activision

The new season comes with a new Pass Pass, which works for both of them Modern Warfare and Warzone. Today's post has a lot more available. A purchase of 1,000 COD points ($ 9.99 for 1,100) gives players instant access to Farah, who returns as a playable user. Getting a maximum of 2,400 COD points ($ 19.99) includes a jump of up to 20 tiers out of 100. In line 100, the players open up Nikolai as the operator. They also found the VSS Assault Rifle program, as well as the Halloween Skin of Cargo Truck.

Battle pass owners can also unlock Edward, a vampire monster that can be used to kill opponents as a stepping stone.

A vampire bat attacks the player on the screen from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / WarzonePhoto: Infinity Ward / Activision

As for how big the whole lake is, that’s always a hot topic. Console players will find it at a much lower rate than previous updates, with the PlayStation 4 update running 19.3 GB and the Xbox One 22.66 GB. Four PC players Modern Warfare you must download 57 GB, or 25.5 GB if you have one Warzone only.

However, owners of the full-version on the console will need to download Compatibility (8 GB) and Survival (5.9 GB) packages to access Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Survival modes. Survival is available to PS4 players immediately, as well as Xbox One and PC players on Thursday, October 1.

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