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Conclusion 2 Osiris Rewards Tests, May 15-19




Osiris's temptations are back Conclusion 2. Saint-14 is a salesman and new publisher of the Trials, and players can find him and his purchase at Tower Hangar every Friday evening.

Each week, Osiris map tests change, as well as rewards for winning a certain number of games. Rewards are flexible for all players, although every roll of player weapons will vary.

Here are the Osiris rewards tests confirmed this week:

Map: click to show on map Midtown

  • 3 wins – Saturdays, Boots, Chase legs (Titan, Hunter, Warlock boots)
  • You won 5 times The scholar, a kinetic scout rifle
  • 7 wins – Mark, Cloak, Bond of Exile (Titan, Hunter, Warlock class item)
  • Fault – Arrows, Boots, Chase legs (Titan, Hunter, Warlock boots)

Players who are able to win seven wins without a single loss can go to the Lightouse social center – this is called a flawless run. The Lightouse offers additional player rewards, some of which are unique, as a special feature. Players accessing Lightlight also receive a special light regarding any of their Trials of Osiris weapons, which continue through the remainder of the weekend.

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