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EA makes the Xbox Series X Smart Delivery a yardstick




Great Microsoft Inside the Xbox Thursday morning episode, which promised to "make a first appearance" on Xbox Series X Gameplay footage, you did not set the earth on fire. But if you look past the next-generation games on display, the show has given an indication of what Xbox customers can expect if they want to play Xbox Series X versions of Xbox One games: less transparency, at least when it comes to third-party publishers.

In total, Microsoft has shown 13 Xbox Series X titles based on a big budget budget such as Ubisoft Assassin & # 39; s Creed Valhalla moving indie games to unfamiliar terms such as FYQD-Studio & # 39; s Outstanding Memory: Infinite. The episode said that nine games would be part of the Microsoft Delivery program. That means anyone who bought those games on the Xbox One will also get an upgraded Xbox Series X version (whenever it's released) at no extra cost.

Smart delivery is the first step for consumers. People who are excited about the current-generation game probably do not want to put down time to play it until the next-generation version is released, while gen-gen game owners may not want to pay for the next upgrade, which may or may not bring night-to-day upgrades. It is great that Microsoft introduced this program to Xbox customers; moreover, its presence puts pressure on Tony to do the same thing for PlayStation players.

But one problem that emerged on Thursday is that Smart's delivery isn't as easy as it sounds – and that's because of third-party publishers. Microsoft is committed to providing Smart Delivery to all Xbox Game Studios titles, and other companies are welcome to join the program. Most third parties have done it, including the makers of two of the most anticipated games of 2020: CD Projekt Red en Cyberpunk 2077, and Ubisoft via Assassin & # 39; s Creed Valhalla.

Electronic art, however, handles the following developments differently: It turns out there is a catch.

EA had a few seconds for the engine Madden NFL 21 gameplay at a time Inside the Xbox. The deal ended with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes saying the company would offer a free Xbox Series X version of the Xbox One version of the game. That's true, though for a limited time: For the next gen version of Madden NFL 21 for free, "you should buy the game (on the Xbox One) before December 31 and plan your upgrade to the Xbox Series X by March 31, 2021," EA the FAQ on the EA Sports website. (Tony hasn't announced a similar plan for the next update; the FAQ says that EA will announce more details about other platforms, and some of its games, "as we approach EA Play Live on June 11."

Of course, EA is free to do as it pleases, and if you want to protect the company, you can say that at least it offers free updates for others the amount of time. And hey – maybe the next version of Madden will be a different product from the current-gen game to la PlayStation 4 / Xbox One launch title NBA 2K14 (e.g., something that might warrant a second purchase of $ 60).

But leaving aside how much it costs consumers (or not) to set limits on Smart Delivery, the main issue is that it creates confusion. It disrupts the messaging of prospective console buyers – they will have to search each game to find out if the next upgrade will be free.

Microsoft can't force third parties to participate in Smart Delivery, but if other companies follow EA's lead and come up with their own unique policies, inconsistency will be a public issue to navigate. Remember the start of the current generation, when Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with its "Xbox One-E eight" about used games and internet penetration? Even after that change, the idea that the Xbox One was an online console remained stuck.

We are on the threshold of a new generation. It's a time that is often filled with excitement for future opportunities – but it is also full of confusion, such as platform managers and publisher feed details about their products and programs.

Right now, we're all working on limited information, and it's all in flux. (It is notable that this is usually the lead of any new generation, but the coronavirus epidemic, in fact, throws everything in and out.) About six months with the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch, there is still time for game publishers to update their plans and delete items.

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