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EFootball PES 2021 – Review, tips, guide



September has always been a special month for sports-loving players because new types of lifelong series often arrive. But this year, for Pro Evolution Soccer this is not the case, as Konami has yet to see the potential to make a completely new game and has opted to introduce a new version of the previous one at a discounted price: an update to eFootball PES 2021.

The decision when the epidemic took a lot of weight and how it particularly affected job planning in Japan, but also its decision to turn to eFootball PES 2022 with a new machine and a new basic engine, already in the new generation of comfort.

To understand the option a little better, you have to look back. Those gaming, brightly colored games called the ISS became PES in the mid-2000s to rise as the masters of imitation football on PlayStation 2. But their stay ended abruptly when the PS3 and Xbox 360 arrived, back in 2007. Because EA was able to make one quick and effective change in high definition and Konami didn’t do that, it tarnished every good reputation despite sales.

Since then the EA has not only lost a lead in sales, instead it has been adding, but Konami did not fall into the same trap for the next generation due to a wise decision: not to play in 2013. The result was a very good PES 2015, it wouldn’t sell much but it kept the gameplay strong throughout the years. Now comes the same change and the Japanese company has chosen the same strategy.

EFootball PES 2021 is an update with a plethora of 30 euros for those newcomers and a little less for those with a 2020 plan. They don't seem to care about losing users this year in favor of FIFA. They hope the investment will be worth the start of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. And surely FIFA fans want a stronger PES, because the lack of competition hurts it, as you know well in the NBA 2K or Madden NFL.

Seasonal Renewal represents seasonal renewal and what it provides is what it says. But it is a good review. Honestly, the first surprise was to see that they had changed the style of play, especially in terms of attacks.

Aside from going too far with product ownership, the basic game (PES 2020) was already betting on a rapid defense / attack shift. Here it is very obvious, especially because the player in control seems to be very quick in his movements and in his response, something that will delight those who control this dribble.

The ball also moves more and it gets to its destination better because the passes are helped a little. We come from a genre that was intended to be so real that they failed more than necessary due to the slight deviation of the rod, and although that required a considerable effort, it sometimes caused some pus. Also, it has made it even more difficult for newbies.

All of these tweaks to attacks make it very difficult to defend against PES 2021. Violent pressure can be very dangerous if not completely controlled. Fortunately, we have also noticed that they have reduced AI errors, especially on longer routes. Goalkeepers can also be trusted more, one of the franchise's weak points even in its golden days. They seem to be more focused than ever, despite the fact that I h ave only found my best like Ter Stegen, Alisson, Neuer or my favorite, Steve Mandanda of Olympique de Marseille.

In recent years, when the engine of physical fitness has improved, it has inevitably been the subject of controversy among footballers. In the 40 games or so I’ve played this review I’ve seen a few more funny scenes than usual, especially when playing with the right people. We leave it with an asterisk because it may be recaptured or more than audible. There are already many things that do not change hair, such as free kicks, corners and fines. In fact, the whole shooting is still there, but that was much better than the previous installment.

To say a smooth delivery, there are quite a few changes. There are some companies that have sold new deliveries some with issues below these. Does Konami use us as guinea pigs for the future without saying so?

The decision not to call it a new game is better understood by looking at its content and appearance. The most interesting and used mode, myClub, has an update with the transfer market and new prices for players, but it remains the same. In the Master League and Being a Legend where they announced the changes with the arrival of new coaches like Pep Guardiola. The fact is that they offer so little that we can't talk about upgrades, or Matchday, another online format they promote such as real-world communication, eSports and home play.

For those who have left long ago, the inclusion of all the contents of UEFA Euro 2020 will be able to feel new. The cancellation of the European Championship was the stick of Konami, who planned to restart and the surrounding eSports World Cup. Now, all the manufacturers and distributors as DLC will be consolidated, and as the Euro is held in 2021, reuse is guaranteed.

In fact, in appearance it appears again, not a new game, but the fruit of constant work. Benefits of PES 2021 on all items that included data packet in the data packet, such as hundreds face who presented them. However, even the game menus have not changed.

The renewal of the season for eFootball PES 2021 is a true state of football. It is a highly polished version of the annual, past installment, with a good update that included more tweaks than I expected and that is appreciated. Sadly, it does not have any new content to highlight, but it does not mean that they did not warn. Hopefully it will be seen again online, which they still can't find.

Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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