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Epic And Microsoft Does Not Mean That The Second PS5 Demon Can Work On Xbox Series X




Image of an article entitled Epic And Microsoft Does Not Say That The Second PS5 Demo Can Run On Xbox Series X

Screen: Epic Games

The epic Games & # 39; s movies are impressive for Unreal 5 technology aired earlier this week it was running on the PS5 upgrade kit. Whether it can run on the Xbox Series X remains a mystery.

"The demo we released (Wednesday) is working on the PS5 because that has been our intended destination in this regard," an Epic spokesperson said Kotaku in an email yesterday. "The UE5, with advanced technology such as Niagara VFX and Chaos physics and demolition – as well as new Janite virtualized geometry and Lumen global lightum – also points to the Xbox Series X."

When pressed on whether the demo was specifically designed for the PS5 and not working on the Xbox Series X, the speaker simply said, "We're not doing it with XBSX."

Microsoft has always been similarly clear while making it clear that people expect the same functionality on their next machine. "The trust seen in the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo is something that people can expect in the next game of the app," a Microsoft spokeswoman told Microsoft. Kotaku in the email. “Developers around the world, including most of our 15 Xbox Game Studios teams, are using Unreal Engine to build their future projects. We look forward to working with Epic and working closely with Unreal 5 on all our development teams as it develops in 2021. ”

Epic's nearly seven-minute tech show called "Lumen in the Land of Nanite" shows a woman passing through ancient ruins filled with artificial colors and vivid details. At the end of it he flies away, approaching in the air as the rocks fall and the towers collapse, which shows how quickly the world around him is possible. And all of that – meaning Epic gaming – was taken from the PS5 development kit.

But neither at the time of installation nor after Epic mentioned his next major concert, the Xbox Series X. When he was ordered to compare the power of the PS5 with Microsoft's console during an interview with Geoff Keighly, Epic's manager Tim Sweeney. “We love all our children and we cannot compare or pick favorites,” she said.

Epic is a third-party company that does business with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and many other gamers, but their thought platform has re-emerged Wednesday as a result of their decision to tie a demo of their new engine with PlayStation. That decision has raised some relevant questions about which of the two upcoming PlayStation and Xbox specialists is capable of and sparked a new round of comedy proposals between fans of the two companies.

The Sons certainly want people to watch that demo and think that such footage is only possible on the PS5. Microsoft, meanwhile, is clearly commenting in its statement to Kotaku that Unreal Engine will not be out until 2021, which means that with that engine in that demo, it won't show up in any new console until youl after the 2020 launch of the Xbox Series X and PS5. That's not to say that the tech demo didn't show us what the PS5 would be capable of, leading to that unanswered question: Can the new Xbox do that too?

Ironically, many of Microsoft's upcoming games will be based on Unreal Engine. "The amazing work done by the team at Epic @UnrealEngine, many of our XGS channels are using Unreal, as the team at Ninja Theory is creating Hellblade II, and they are excited to bring this UE5 highlight to the Xbox Series X," Xbox head, Phil Spencer, wrote to Twitter when a technological manifestation was revealed.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox's marketing head, was also more of a tech demo icon. "It's impressive and you can only imagine what the new Unreal 5 Engine would look like in the most powerful console in the world," wrote to Twitter.

On paper, some of the Xbox Series X & # 39; s are quite high, but some, like its SSD speed, are low. Epic's Tim Sweeney praised Sony's SS5 SSD during Wednesday's demo, claiming it even surpassed PC's SSDs. That was compelled by questions, and unanswered, about whether XD & # 39; s slow Xbox could prevent that Wednesday's demo from running or running again. Both Microsoft and Sony have also developed different ways to design their new hardware completely, and it's impossible to know how the finished products will compare before they see it in action.

Maybe the UE 5 technical demo doesn't work on the Xbox Series X because it can't, or maybe it's just a sign that in the following case it is an indication that Epic has chosen to work closely with Sony instead of Microsoft.

We'll see more of what translates to any of the following genres in the coming months, as Tony and Microsoft are starting to show first-team games made to discover more about their new hardware.


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