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Even The Man Who Wrote That Bass Joke Joke In Crossing Animals Is Tried



Images courtesy of Even Someone Who Wrote That Bass Joke To Animal Crossing / Sied Of It

Screen: Nintendo (Kotaku)

This time, the sea bass joke in Crossing the Animals: New Horizons it has become a memory. The fans hate you. But the man who wrote that joke shared some insight behind it and how much they care about the smallest details.

The sea joke quickly became something that players grew tired of within days of the release of Animal Crossing. While players try to catch new, unusual, and exotic fish, they are catching on someone else Sea Bass and should hear that same joke again. About 100 or more times. We were immediately angry with them.

The man behind the joke, Nintendo Localization Builder Rob Heiret, shared it Send a long string depending on the details of the writing process behind that joke. First of all, yes, he is also tired of it. But when he wrote the joke at first it was a little different.

The first draft went like this: “Hold me to the sea! Well … maybe Cass … "

But he and others working on interpreting the game realized that this would be a comedy he would see many, many, many times. And it might be a bad time for a player, so hitting the head for a bad distance seemed mean and not good or very good. So the joke was changed a bit and instead of C- now it will read C +.

Small, sure, but important details. And it's the kind of thing that Heiret and other game designers have thought about, according to his thread on Twitter.

"We were doing our best, finding out the details you might not have thought of, making this the most beautiful, comforting, fun game we could ever make," explained Heiret. And it looks like it has paid off, as people around the world have moved there Animal Crossing dropping birthday parties, announcing events, holding group meetings, playing games together, or hosting talk shows.

As the epidemic has continued to escalate and people have been stuck in homes, often alone and with little to do, Animal Crossing it has always been a escape from a better, better and wiser world. And that world exists because of all the work Heiret and others working on the game put into every little detail. Even dumb and annoying dad jokes.

And Heiret is applauded for how many people live in the game these days, fleeing the real world. He believes this is because, in the current global environment, people need agency. A place where players can arrange pillows on their bed how you like them.

"That sounds like the most important part of the game for me."

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