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Netflix doesn't just make movies and TV: it and interactive. For the last four years, the streaming platform has been investing in a number of practical things – hybrid movies and game experiences based on previous existing franchises, allowing viewers to participate in the stories they watch.

Netflix's first interactive series, released in 2017, was all for kids, but with the release of the 2018 Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and 2019 & # 39; s You vs. Animals, the desires to spread are growing exponentially. Each specialty takes place uncomfortably in the world of its show, except maybe Bandersnatch, since The Dark Miracle is an anthology exhibition, too You vs. Animals, which Bear Grylls just blends naturally. The accuracy of each of these shows motivates viewers to choose how they happen. But how wonderful are these special things? How does it work? Does the choice we make matter?

With Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with special contact Kimmy vs Teacher now, it's time to take a look back at all the Netflix exclusive deals and put yourself in line by saying how fun they are, and what kind of storytelling they are.

8. You V. The beast

manage grylls and fire

Image: Netflix

The Bear Grylls' special contact, of course, is really boring. Each episode throws Grylls into a new reality, in which his appearance plays as an episode of his show Man vs. Wildlife, without technology, the viewer gets to choose his or her survival actions. But almost all choices end up in a failure or move you in the right direction. The series doesn't feel really interactive, and it plays like pop Questions about how well-informed members of Grylls' survival are. (Yes, she wants to eat bedbugs – she always wants to eat bedbugs.)

The building sounds busy, and it could have been played out for fun (The possible failure of the tractor could put the frozen Grylls in a magnificent cartoon.

7. Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

Buddy and darnell about doing something wild

Image: Netflix

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile following a simple foundation. Stunt-Buddy driver dog and his pal Darnell from the stop-motion series Buddy Thunderstruck they need to decide what wild thing they want to do, so they look at their “maybe” bag and select two. Viewers arrive and choose which one to try. There is no excessively old narrative. The player's choice is limited between two humorous options – drink three espresso drinks or make a pizza by far the most likely, for example.

While each happy choice results in a different place, the next one follows exactly the same as choosing another. If you choose between trying to gain maximum power and exploring the sewage, you get different scenes, but they both throw Buddy and Darnell to the same doctor afterwards.

What does it provide The May Be Heap the least option, however, is that it's actually funny, and at least much more fun than it is You vs. Animals. So much for the kind of comedy that will send a 10-year-old boy to the floor: actually Jackass, but children. Also, sometime when I get up early in the morning I see Buddy and Darnell thrown into the sewer, excited about how they found the Fountain of Youth, and understand what to do.

6. Kimmy vs Teacher

Ellie Kemper envisions Daniel Radcliffe on Kimmy Schmidt's inimitable performance, as the viewer is asked to choose between

Photo: Netflix

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt A special reunion takes place after the events of the series finale, with Kimmy determined to marry a handsome prince played by Daniel Radcliffe. But after finding a mysterious letter in his bag, he suspects that the pastor who kidnapped him and kept him in the basement for the rest of his life may have another building full of women somewhere, so he goes to rescue them.

Kimmy vs Teacher it has its own funny moments, and to its credit, the scenes and comics that lead up to the selection are one of the most entertaining of all the practical additions. The characters are actually mad at each other for a choice, instead of just repeating the options, or looking at the viewers waiting. But the decisions themselves are disappointing. Choose the "wrong" one, and the story eventually fails, which is unpleasant. Rapid failure is a habit that goes on in some topics, but it feels a little overkill Kimmy vs the Reverend, because the characters call you to break away from the sitcom standout. This is also longer than many successful Netflix shows, so getting "Game Over" is actually digesting the experience.

On a quantitative level, it seems strange that even though you help Kimmy find a company and heal from the past, the game removes any agency by forcing certain options on you. The real difference in conclusion comes from a separate scene with Kimmy's friends Titus and Jacqueline.

5. Carmen Sandiego: Theft or theft

carmen sandiego made the decision

Image: Netflix

An adventure featuring Carmen Sandiego is currently one of the most accessible Carmen Sandiego games to play. After Carmen's friends Ivy and Zack are kidnapped by the evil organization VILE, the game comes up with various touches Carmen must make to appease VILE.

While one of Netflix's most interactive ads – the animated series itself has some amazing moments – it pushes viewers down one way in the beginning. The viewer is told to either save Zack and Ivy, or steal VILE. Previous results in the fast endgame. Many of the other deaths occur in similarly frustrating ways: choose a course of action, and seamlessly track down the option you didn't choose. There are a few options and consequences that affect the outcome. But towards the end of the story, there is only one clear branch. Carmen will still take over most of the boss, and only the order is broken.

4. Puss in the Book: You are trapped in an Epic Tale

puss in boots to chase between pirates and evil queens

Image: Netflix

Based on- Puss in boots Netflix animated series (from the Shrek movie franchise), Puss in the Book: You are trapped in an Epic Tale throws a fashbuckling feline hero into a magical book in which a narrator in the forest intends to keep him busy so he can play fairy tale events. Viewers are encouraged to choose which stories to play (a Sinbad-style pirate tale or an example of the Great White), and then control the smaller choices in the middle of the story.

Puss in Literature, in its entirety, provides some branching and non-linear conclusions. You can choose which games to play, and you can exit the book in a few different ways. But the best part of Puss in interactive buys is the tone. It often breaks the fourth wall with greater gusto than Black Mirror: BandersnatchThey are cunningly trusted. Puss asks the viewer to make some decisions, and the narrator delights in harassing him, and getting the audience involved. In another branch, Puss sees how to control the subject, making other moments more beautiful as he forcibly forces his opponents to sing and dance.

3. Expand Armstrong: Divorce

stretch armstrong made the choice

Image: Netflix

Stretch Armstrong: Divorce following Flex Fighters, three high-profile high school students, shortly after their high-profile adviser targeted them as criminals. In the aftermath of a massive boycott, Flex Fighters must save the city and stop the real villain.

Coming to the show without the heavy knowledge of the show puts viewers at risk, at first, but after just a few clicks, the story makes sense. It's like a Carmen Sandiego game, Divorce it often responds to "wrong" choices by turning you back to what is right. But just the opposite Carmen Sandiego either Kimmy Schmidt exclusive, few of those bad decisions end up in future failure. While some decisions are not important, there is enough to offer different branches that have specific consequences. Choosing to follow the Multi-Farious collecting villain means lowering the high-tech boat, while getting the Multi-Farious to follow the Flex Fighters means a different battle against a bad guy with an electric power. There are different ways in which this can be done – with a few oversized game overs.

2. Black Sponge: Bandersnatch

stefan, colin, and mohan look at the computer

Image: Netflix

A standout episode, an Emmy-winning episode The Dark Miracle it follows a young game designer established to create interactive game. Meta, right? In contrast Puss in Literature& # 39; Approaching the whole hearted exploration of the fourth wall, Bandersnatch is it dark, is fueled by paranoia and drugs, and is more marked by the illusion of free will than the actual middle. But we can expect nothing less The Dark Miracle.

More options in Bandersnatch they are insignificant, but there are enough large ones to make a powerful narrative. There are also many important different conclusions, rarely the Netflix interaction experience. Bandersnatch it doesn't have a "good" ending – it's all scary for someone holding on to it to some extent, making it a painful experience. But it is more complicated than any other specialty.

1. Minecraft: Story Mode

jesse, the main character of minecraft: story mode

Image: Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the only Netflix news of your choice – a hypothetical so far that plays like a game and not a video interactive. Probably not that surprising, as long as it's a collaboration between Netflix and Telltale Games, and it's game-based. Does that make it better? It ensures that it feels very intertwined, as if you were actually participating in the story. You simply direct the characters to the selection – you there is in the Minecraft area.

From the get-go, News Mode viewers are encouraged to choose between two versions of the main character, which gives the story a game-like feel. Decisions come often, and while not all of the most intertwined storylines are unique, they customize the actual gameplay experience. Your character can be great for rivals, jerks, or somewhere in between. Sometimes there are sequences of puzzles to solve. Not all choices affect the subject a great deal, but they all feel like they are expanding the information. It's closer to being a visual novel than other topics.

Also, Minecraft: Story Mode strong and durable, operating in approximately five-hour locations with multiple components. (Most of these other titles, especially those for kids, are clock in over half an hour.) It's a powerful game to find, especially for Minecraft fans, and of course the Netflix experience that feels so interactive.

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