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F1 Canceled, So Drivers To Compete For Official Video Game




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The F1 season, like in the major international games, is still being held. And just like the growing number of international sports, athletes have found one of the best ways to keep them busy online challenging others in the video game version of what they usually do for a living.

So as the La Liga football players kick off the weekend of FIFA 20, i the organizers of Formula 1 have announced the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series

, which will see the "number of current F1 drivers" playing for the Codemasters & # 39; F1 2019 gaming on the PC and spreading around the world.

It is interesting that because some drivers are pretty much behind the wheel of a regular and others are not, the race will be "organized in such a way as to encourage a competitive and fun race", which is a gentle way to reward drivers who use the rubbish. offer benefits such as "reduced car damage, and unlockable lock brakes and access control for those unfamiliar with the game".

The race will be on the same days as the actual races were supposed to go down, meaning the first one had to run any minute now (at the time of posting), because the Bahrain Grand Prix was supposed to be held today.

Off the field, because not every F1 driver will participate, a bunch of former drivers, market drivers and random people like "Musician Liam Payne, professional golfer Ian Poulter and 6-year Olympic medalist Sir Chris Hoy" are included. in the middle to drive empty seats.

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