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Ghost of Tsushima will have a & # 39; samurai cinema & # 39; black and white




The opening game of Sucker Punch Productions & # 39; Ghost of Tsushima, will go courtesy of ancient Japanese films that clearly draw from "Samurai Cinema" mode. The developer introduced a new mode, which gives the game a fun, black and white film viewing style, during a State of Play episode dedicated to revealing new details about Ghost of Tsushima.

Samurai Cinema Mode can be unlocked from the start of the PlayStation 4. The black and white mode will enjoy the game with dust, scratches, threads, and other imperfections that give a good quality film, Samurai Assassin, It's not over, or early Kurosawa films. (Sucker Punch also described the filter as "air-conditioned" during Play of Play, apparently emphasizing that this method would produce more frequent air.)

With what seems to be a very small selection of HUD, fans looking for cinema cinema experience will want to turn on Samurai Cinema mode right away.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on PlayStation 4 on July 17. You can watch the 18-minute State of Play presentation in 4K to preview the game. Here are a few more 4K screens for a sharp look in Samurai Cinema mode.

Image: Sucker Punch Productions / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Black and white were shot while shooting two samurai in Ghost of Tsushima.

A black and white statue of a samurai about to get its sword from Ghost of Tsushima.

Image: Sucker Punch Productions / Sony Interactive Entertainment

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is ready for 4K, and many good PS4 games are being developed to take advantage of the console's more advanced capabilities and pricing.

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