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Grand Theft Auto V Is Going To Be Free On The Epic Game Store




Image for article titled Grand Theft Auto V / i Is Going To Be Free On PC

Picture: Rockstar Games

If somehow you will not already own Grand Theft Auto V you'll soon be able to get free on PC through the Epic Games Store.

In accordance with deleted tweet now, GTA V it will be a digital storeThe latest release game in front of, available for download and save for the first time not until May 21. The Epic Games Store stopped mocking the game last week, tweeting out a giant bank picture in the room.

Originally released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, GTA V it has always been one of the best-selling games of the previous generation of shows, thanks in large part to its success Gta Online a society where players can keep banks together, money hoard, and can live in all kinds wender shenanigans.

Usually $ 30, the game previously free to play for a limited time for Game Pass subscribers on the Xbox One earlier this year. Now you'll free anyone with a PC that uses it, possibly for a small price because Rockstar earns more money the entry of new players into his microtransaction economy.


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