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Half-Life: Alyx Review – A PROVISION with Valve Index




Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life is one of the hallmarks of a video game. And not only that, because of the bizarre way in which Valve stopped the development of the series after episode two and how little details that came with Half-Life 3 (or Half-Life 2: episode 3) were treated later. , a myth was created around it and became the most famous example destroy them. If we add to this that Valve gradually withdraws from the introduction of single-player games to focus on Hardware and the emergence of Steam, what we finally get is a time bomb.

So you can imagine the pressure the Half-Life team: Alyx development team has endured since the initial idea. The return of Half-Life for the first time in 13 years? Done Valve's first single-title series from Portal 2? Also. Duplicate bet and activate Virtual Reality for Index? Do it for yourself.

However, Half-Life: Alyx has finally arrived as a sequel to the original Half-Life and a self-titled Half-Life 2. The game takes place entirely in VR and provides a full-on adventure adventure where you will explore the challenges of life in City 17, Alyx Vance before the arrival of Gordon Freeman. But, let's stop talking too much and get into trouble.

Before Gordon Freeman takes Thanksgiving action to G-Man and reaches City 17, the Alliance has tightened its control over the area and will eliminate any human resistance or Vortigaunt. However, the flame of rebellion continues through Alyx Vance, Eli Vance's daughter and partner with other opposition members in dictatorship. But then tragedy ensues, the arrest of his father who will force Alyx to explore the city and its quarters until he finds her. He is a true mover and not that there won't be many characters, his moment is now.

As the odyssey progresses to a depressing hell, we learn more about what happened in her conversations with Dr. Russell, in regular telephone conversations. It is a subtle and clever narrative, made in ancient times by Valve, showing that it has not lost its form over the years and continues to trust this way of presenting the story. In addition, from time to time we will find a touch of dark humor that brings certain nuances to the story without compensating for it. Quite the contrary, because it reinforces the essence of the story. On the other hand, we can assure you that all the actors and actresses are empowering their characters, from newcomer Ozioma Akagha, replacing Merle Dandridge to giving life to young Alyx Vance, to James Moses Black, who will be the voice of Eli Vance, who passes Rhys Darby as Russel . The texts arrive and be translated into Spanish.

Script writers, actors and animators are completing the right storytelling circle and, in turn, set up a storytelling line in VR. It was scary because most of the Half-Life: Alyx team is new, veterans left the company years ago, but they managed to create this fantastic story and benefit so much that it looks like they will last a lifetime.

That Valve tells us a great deal and can it be right, adapted to a more harmonious environment, no wonder. But how Half-Life: How does Alyx transform the physical mythology of these first-person shooters and transfer it to Virtual Reality? Let's start with the recurring problem of VR, motion and / or export. The idea is to move on to a digital world that feels a sense of complete freedom, but is made, because we are physically tied to what the collector collects and creates the world. Index, VR in VR headset, allows us to establish a virtual environment, that is, a predefined location where custom gaming is expected. As a result of this program we gain some freedom as it travels, because in this way we will find three square meters to explore, which translates around corners, bends down to explore every corner and hide to protect ourselves from enemy fire. But this is not all, not just that you have to go, you have to navigate a large map and the virtual space of your own does not appear. As with other adventure games and games, we have three options. Teleport, consisting of moving the character at selected points on the ground; Scroll (our favorite), which will allow Alyx to jump the appropriate distance forward; and Continued, similar to rail travel.

Although there is no better way, Teleporting can be extremely frustrating and further can stop that feeling of freedom of movement and exploration and animation are loaded. On the other hand, Scroll, or the option to connect if you want to call it that, seems like the easiest to manage and keep the immersion that the game offers.

Half-Life: AlyxHalf-Life: Alyx

And without further delay, our journey begins. By using Move, we can interact with everything around us in a more detailed way. Fingers everything on our hands, beautifully fitted with Russell electric gloves. We will be able to open all the cupboards, move all the boxes or collect the syringe of life, ammunition and ammunition to upgrade our weapons in the farthest reaches. In addition, we can also use our gravity gloves to hold the nearest object with a simple frame handle: it will land the plane straight to us so we can hold it in the air, whether it be shot shells, pistol ammunition, resin, life or bombs. The gloves are a mysterious creature in Freeman's circular gravity battle from Half-Life 2, but most of all they make it unnecessary to always get close to something we need to hold on to. Getting the resources and stuffing them in the bag by tossing them over the right shoulder or throwing them into the food wrist is one of the coolest things about Half-Life: Alyx. And all of this gets a lot of appreciation for Valve's beautiful design, which gives us an excellent setting, full of details and secrets. This urban odyssey is applauded for its wide variety of aesthetics, excellent architectural development and excellent literary style.

We have a track left, and those of you who have tried fps on Virtual Reality already know what this is. Being in that space limited to moving around without moving, we can cover ourselves with letters using Movical to reposition itself. It is so well hidden, that we have to hide and watch the shooting is fun and logical, especially when you open the bombs, shotgun and shotgun, when things start to get interesting. In short, you control and you have to monitor the movement, positioning and maintenance of the battlefield vision. Because Alliance soldiers will try to fool us. It's a fun part of the gameplay but the enemies have a lot of life and each ten strokes is amazing. It's made easier by winning better weapons but we found it problematic that they were sponge. Fighting the headcrabs and zombies they create has been a very different challenge. In order to beat yourself you have to jump to another point and always be aware of how many letters are left in the magazine. By the way, the rebuilding process is exciting because it involves a complete process (go shoulder to load the charger, remove the blank and add a new one) until you hear a pleasant sound.

Combat situations are fluid and tactile, but they still occur in the background, awithout much. But hey, going around solitary places, solving puzzles using the multipurpose tool and talking to Dr. This is because the Index & # 39; s 120fps is also supported because the earth is well built. It also features some stunning images and a unique design with the creature, not to mention facial images and artificial intelligence. We talk about technological design and pure art that allow us to produce unforgettable monsters and rich environments that allow us to look at every detail no matter where we are looking. Sadly, the music never ends. It is true that in most cases it agrees with the action even when it comes to a new place, but it lacks the necessary energy. Not bad, but we just believe it has never been dismissed as it should. It might help to incorporate some ethereal sounds, a powerful electronic theme, or a set of rhythmic drums. However, we invite you to take a look at the work of composer Jed Kurzel if you're interested.

However, sponge enemies and mainstream music are nothing more than small scratches that do not prevent the title from returning Valve's victory and a good reminder of what we missed these storytellers, the amazing designers who gave us … And, generally, all of its talent. Despite the long wait, Half-Life is back, and the limitations of VR are more than resolved by what this technology brings to its reliability and feel. It's not cheap to use but we recommend that you make a Half-Life: Alyx site, wherever it is, because it gets it.

Half-Life: AlyxHalf-Life: Alyx

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