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Half-Life: Alyx Review – The Amazing Return of the City 17




The Half-Life series has a mix of historical significance and legacy that can be compared to other franchises. With that culture and audience, Valve releasing its long-awaited continuation as a special VR is controversial. However, the Half-Life moment: Alyx's powerful script faded and I opened my eyes to the Combined Earth, I was sure. The great atmosphere of City 17 is obvious from the moment you see the three-legged Strider as it ascends the building, and that sense of wonder continues all the way until the end of the game. Featured on Alyx Vance, the main character in the series was first played, Half-Life: Alyx is an unforgettable game that challenges VR.

The gameplay is equal parts shooting and puzzle, encouraging a deeper exploration of well-defined areas. These components are enhanced by the VR control scheme, which feels stronger throughout and becomes more natural as you play. The story (set between the halves of Half-Life and Half-Life 2) finds Alyx on a journey to rescue his father from the Combine encounter; You don't have to be the master of this series to appreciate the story, but diehard fans are patient with their patience.

The brutal world of Half-Life has never felt so much alive as it does here. Whether you are surprised by the sensual viscera of luring corpses to the sanitation table or counting the teeth on the roof Wood waiting to absorb the passers-by, the good order sinks. I watched for a moment as the headcrab searched the heap of luggage to get to me, drawing the bags and falling on their backs in an unwritten demonstration of a passionate game of physics. A detailed face of familiarity follows you through conversations, and beautiful vistas take your breath away. Seeing Half-Life's components be made with modern, technically recognizable technology, is truly amazing. Meeting it with this level of intimacy and connection gives me a new appreciation for the genre & # 39; s dystopi an future.

Alyx control sounds great thanks to gravity gloves that help you apply debris to your area. When you see a chunk of Resin (the currency used for weapon upgrades), you simply reach back and throw your wrist back. This is the sender flying toward you, and then holding it when it reaches you. This does not stop feeling satisfied, and using it in combination with other actions, such as storing ammo over my shoulder and handling complex weapon reloads, feels instantly and fun to know. At the end, I used my hands independently like a pro, except that any enemy would find it jumping at me and my frightened movements caused me to pull the trigger with a blank shot and then back down to the breathing area.

Gravity gloves called the R.U.S.S.E.L.S. – named after Resistance techie Russel, a light-hearted voice in your ear that leads you to City 17 in pursuit of Alyx's father. Every time she entered my spam it was refreshing to receive a stressful response from a stressful place. I leaned heavily on her to be able to chronologically follow some of the most frightening things, including a night encounter with a creature called Jeff. Despite its status as a forerunner, the campaign is stepping into a new franchise and moving it forward in compelling ways. From a story standpoint, Half-Life: Alyx is an exciting and important sequel to the series.

Fighting is not a highlight, but it produces some happy moments. You only get three weapons, all of which can be released with game-changing updates such as a grenade launcher or laser. Assemble the soldiers that mount the headshots at high hardness, using them carefully to cover up some of the material needed. I learned how to make smart grenade cast, circulate my environment carefully, and war-looting bodies, the last of which was enhanced by lifting dead bodies with my hands to find ammo and health hidden in the back pockets. It is as satisfying as it is rare. Shooting, reloading and weapon replacement all sound great in VR thanks to responsive controls and cleverly designed guns that highlight the action needed. For example, the red appear on the slide of the pistol you forgot to bring back helps to release a lot of frustration of knowing why your gun wasn't burning. Playing behind the cover feels natural and appropriate, and listening to the enemy's repetition before going out is satisfying.

The VR-scale release of the scale is sometimes at odds with Half-Life's range: Alyx's design. Zombies will not be pulled back if you use a lion-like tamer chair, and in one puzzle I've tried to pull a large crate under the garage door to stop it from closing and watching as the door slams the crate down under the map and closes unchanged. But if you play by the rules, you are rewarded. Physics games are fun to solve, and to shoot weak enemy points like Combine gas canways to lively grim die animations as you wave through with your in-game hand.

The puzzles destroy the world, and some are needed to continue and some to open up optional cache of ammo or extra life. One type of puzzle requires you to direct electricity from the circuit to the circuit by pointing your multitool around the room to illuminate the maze, which is a fun way to explore the environment. However, other types of puzzle quickly end their reception, including directing one point to another world while also avoiding Tron– Red lines like red colors, or remembering in pairs and matching them after disappearing.

I have tried with all the motion mode offered, which includes ventilation for those who are prone to motion sickness and full icon theme. I ended up settling in to tell, a mid-range option to choose your destination and quickly approach it with the full physics presence. This felt very natural and helped me avoid even the slightest motion sickness throughout the campaign, which is no guarantee to me in VR. Other options such as subtitles for viewing and selecting a prominent weapon arm are well done.

Half Life: Alyx is the right gaming game that deserves a legacy of the series. Although there are some puzzles and experiences that sound like filters, the whole experience is solid. Best practices, great worlds, and great writing are seen out of nowhere, and mark the return to Forve. If you were waiting for a killer app before you actually invested, this is it.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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