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Halo Devs Explains How Much Work Goes To Fix One Bug




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Halo 2 Intervention Program was released to Steam on Tuesday, and within hours the players found bugs. One bug has rockets, grenades and other ways to send calls through the map, killing some of his colleagues in the process. While the interruption was not yet available, 343 Industries turned on the light in the next 24 hours to present their plans for addressing the issue.

Mistakes happen, and, when they do, players want them to be repaired as soon as possible. But tracking down a bug, writing it, reproducing it, and fixing it can be difficult for an engineer. Halo 2 Monument Developer 343 shared a fun look behind the scenes of how their "battle room" works and the various steps involved in trying to fix the teleporting bug.

According to the 343 shared timeline The factories, after launching the game at 8 PM PST on Tuesday, developers watched as players began installing it and playing it out of the teleconference room. About 10 PM 343 saw the first episode of the teleporting projectiles bug of many players. Internally they call this the "First Contact." Development team members check the broadcast and social media messages to see if others can see it.

By 11 PM the studio had received more than 10 clips of players dealing with the same bug, and it became a major concern in the studio. They did not encounter this bug during beta testing Halo 2

on PC and I don't know what's going on. They were silent that they knew about the issue and were working to fix it. Sometime after midnight, teams on PC and console would enter games to re-create the bug and successfully find a way to "blame" the problem.

After 2 AM, a detailed email was sent to Saber Interactive, which helps 343 people work on PC ports Halo. This great email included many clips, steps to reproduce the bug, and what 343 believed to be possible. Early in the morning, Saber started working on how to solve the bug. They found potential repairs and submitted new construction Halo 2 go back to 343 for more testing.

According to 343, teams are still working on bug teleporting, as well as other news received by players. 343 wrote in their post, "The fact is that no two issues are the same – some keep getting repaired quickly and some are difficult and some require a very long diagnosis and depend on the very large discharge management."

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While bugs are often frustrating, 343 views within the bug fixes process are a good reminder of all the hard work and time that will fix these things.


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