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Harley Quinn is now racking up DC Comics' biggest hit: Booster Gold




Harleen Quinzel's love life is a bit of a celebrity, from her years of romance with the Joker to the recent OTP listing on Paison's list. But with the Joker firmly in the back window and Ivy in one of his "personality-shaming" things, Harley's big dumb heart may be bigger and slimmer than usual.

Which will explain how he is likely to get picked up, of all people, Booster Gold, one of the biggest losers in DC. But the worst part is that I have to admit that she is very pretty.

Hey, Booster

I love Booster Gold. He is a man of great intelligence, short, notoriously golden-hearted, who came later to try and become a hero at a time when technology had not yet developed. The Booster is a never-ending C-shaped, with a never-ending-fourth-wall understanding that will always be there. But he you try


Like Harley, the Booster has a long history of being worn by fans, as part of the Boostle ship – though unlike Harley / Ivy, the Booster Gold / Blue Beetle is still sadly out of the cannon. So I'm not saying that the new Harley / Booster is a permanent OTP.

But I I am saying how illustrated by writer Sam Humphries and painter ABEL Harley Quinn

# 72 is really good. I mean, just look at Booster's attractive nature her dress.

Booster answers this question by taking a swig of his whiskey.
Image: Sam Humphries, ABEL / DC Comics

First, a good boy's argument helps a bad girl, as Booster is caught helping Harley investigate the death of his closest friend. Then there was the part where they actually started having fun together. After that there is a part where they have to pretend that they commit themselves to getting a false religion on their backs!

Harley Quinn and Booster Gold put on the proselitizer for acting infamously in love, at Harley Quinn # 72, DC Comics (2020).

Fine, fine. That's fine.
Image: Sam Humphries, Abel / DC Comics

And there's the ending, where Booster calls Harley to behave harshly because he feels like bad things must happen to him, and he says he won't be a part of it.

* Electricity * Tension!
Image: Sam Humphries, Abel / DC Comics

Instead of kissing him, Booster made the inevitable decision to avoid the drama and fly away, leaving Harley alone to continue the search for a powerful criminal and businessmen who act as if they would be angry with his friend.

And this is where the piece falls on Harley.

Harley becomes angry at Boole Gold as he comes out, and then switches tack. “Hey ... Wait. Come back. Well, what kind! she screams.

Image: Sam Humphries, Abel / DC Comics

We're all there, Harley. If I don't say so personally, this is a good understanding of a woman-spirit. And exercise has the potential to be a lot of fun. Imagine the look on Joker's face when he found out that his boyfriend was in love… Gold Pressure? The man everyone made a mistake with the Green Lantern?

With her insecurity of poisoning and super powers, Ivy never considered the Joker's threat. But Booster is a complete fuckup, suggesting a situation where Harley should be the one defending his new beau to senior management. Delicious.

I think we'll find that Booster feels the same way Harley does there Harley Quinn # 73 was released on June 9th.


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