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Here's a first look at Tech Behind Sony & # 39; s Finger-Tracking VR control




In a recently published paper and accompanying video, researchers with Sony demonstrated their work by installing finger tracking on VR controllers.
Gif: UploadVR (YouTube)

Thanks to a few patent drawings intensified over the past two years, we have assumed that Sony has been trending with finger-tracking technology for a line of new VR controllers. It's still unclear whether these controllers are meant to be PlayStation Mov winners or part of the PlayStation VR 2 kit or something entirely, but at least now we can see them in action thanks to a new video from Sony. Investigators.

As seen by UploadVR earlier this week, Kazuyuki Arimatsu and Hideki Mori with Sony Interactive Entertainment, a split from Sony after the development of PlayStation, who recently published a research paper entitled "Machine Testing for Handheld Prediction of a Hand-held Device with a Proximity Sensor." In it, the researchers speculated how to provide a controller prototype with capacitor proximity sensors to determine how the player's hands are positioned, information that is reproduced in real-time. The team developed a learning database using a tracking system to record various different modes from 12 people in different sizes of hands.

A demonstration video accompanying the paper shows their work moving. You can see the researcher tapping into virtual reality blocks with prototype controllers tied behind his hands, which seem to work in the same way as Valve & # 39; s Index Controllers (they also look like a layered version). The group also emphasizes that this technology can be used for "non-verbal & # 39; s communication in the virtual world, even though it doesn't have many details. I think anything with the middle finger sensors will find more use.

You can check out the full clip below, courtesy of UploadVR.

As mentioned in the video, researchers continue to struggle with certain repetitions of the hands, especially when the player's fingers are away from the controller's face. However, it retains its accuracy whether the player's hands start to sweat or when they are wearing rings, watches, or other jewelry.

However Sony does end up sending these controllers, don't expect them to issue with Introducing the PlayStation 5 this winter. The hosts have already confirmed that the PS5 will be compatible with the existing PSVR tech, and, as I mentioned earlier, the successor has never been officially announced.

As for what we are do Note: Last year, the company licensed an advanced Vaptor haptics tech VR license that could use "pressure sensations, pulls, holds, and pulls," the proprietor of the patent, Imersion Corp.. The Sons have publicly announced that they are currently investigating next-generation VR headsets, which may be paired with these new finger tracking controls.


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