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How to Find Where Your Favorite Movie or TV is streaming




Broadcast Wars are well underway. Apple, NBC, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney and many others are fighting for our attention and fighting for the rights to one of our shows and movies. So how do you find out what is being broadcast there, when and for how long? In the video above, I go through some of the ways to track your favorite shows and movies.

Just Google

At the risk of being sweaty, simply placing the name of the movie or movie you want is sometimes the fastest way to find out where you are streaming. Google's algorithm usually does a great job pulling out a place where you can rent, buy or distribute a piece of content. Finding Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man"

it is available to stream on Hulu was a recipe for cakes.

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However, not all Google search results are matched: When searching for the popular anime “My Hero Academia, ” the "Available" widget pictured above did not appear. Searching for "how to watch My Hero Academia" you did it enable widget, but details are not yet complete; Crunchyroll and Funimation, two of the best-known anime streaming services, didn't show up.

Articles of the article How to Find Your Favorite Movie are Spreading

JustWatch or Reelgood

The best way to find your favorite content is to use dedicated sites like JustWatch

either Reelgood. Both sites track the catalog where movies and TV shows are available for purchase, rent or distribution. You can create an account for any service and restrict the search results to the services you subscribe to. Both offer mobile apps.

FindingSpider Man" and “My Academic Hero ” was easy on both sites, and they both showed me many ways I could look. However, the details of "My hero … " it just didn't seem to be running out of JustWatch. It just showed two show seasons available for streaming on Hulu and Funimation, but I know that's not true. I just finished watching Season 4 a few weeks ago.

In both, Reelgood is my personal favorite. The interface is much smaller than JustWatch, details seem up to date (every 4 seasons of My Academic Hero beautifully listed), and love how I can continue to follow shows I've already seen or would like to explore.


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