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I Think I'm In Love With Fortnite's New Cat




FortniteS Season 2 The passing of the battle is packed with colorful new characters, including one you can customize in unique ways. I don't care about any of them. I only care about this sad cat.

This is confirmed by Meowscles, a 60-year battle rate. He is one of the new skins with a built-in bonus feature. In this case, he can change his pecs. His cat.

Now, I'm not furry, but I'm worried about my cat's feelings. She looks like someone who has hit that trio of feminine tropes Tom from Finland. His head is small about his body – I don't know if I look like his face, or he looks friendly, which I find is very unusual for human boys with bodies like this in real life. But look at those shoulders. Look at those who are not. I'm sorry-I'm sorry

But look at his piece.

The mows are wearing nothing but the jeans, boots, and harness that I made for the boys in the leather clubs. You will surely find this cat hanging in your local version of The Eagle. He'll look at you from across the room, and he'll look behind you because he couldn't look you, of course, guys are not the same lookers as you, but you're absolutely right. You will talk about your life and things for a while, and Meowsuits will be the type to show off in a way that won't tell you much about their work because they work for a spy agency, which is a cool job. He will only succeed in walking up the stairs, then he will suggest that he return to his place, which is not that far off. You will also have a good structure because you are downloaded because you work for a spy agency. After that night you may never call each other again because you're busy with his work, but that's okay, you're busy with him. One day you will see him come out of that threshing floor, and he'll say "hehe" and say "hey," and you'll both smile and go back to your tables. Your friends will say "Oh, my lord know

that guy? ”And you will be like,“ Ah, yes, ”but be courageous about it, because you do not want to be proud, but will be totally proud. And even though you are not in love or love anything, you will always remember Meowsuits with delight. The combination will be in your top 5, or it may not be the first number, because that gives a lot of energy to one night's shadow and you're better than that.

However, you are better Peely.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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meowscles is best



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