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Ignore Turnips In Cropping Animals: New Horizons




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Screen: Nintendo (Kotaku)

If you ask me, Animal Crossing it's more fun when you don't spend all your time chasing after money. But if you're willing to bank, New Horizons gives you plenty of great ways to install your internal Scrooge. One such option that many new players will gain access to this coming weekend is Stalk Market, where you can buy and sell turnips and, if you play your teaching right, get some of the Big Bells.

Animal Crossing aficionados will probably have some experience with turnips, and they seem to have changed New Horizons. Every Sunday, your island will be visited by Daisy Mae, a young giant who has just inherited the family business from her grandmother Sow Joan, a salt-of-the-the-earth merchant found in previous games. It sells at a per-veggie price for a random one, ranging from 90 Bell to less than 100. Turnips are for sale in 10 houseboats, and you are only limited by how many to carry. And in time New Horizons it doesn't let you keep turnips, it's safe enough to just put them down in your house until you need 'em.

After you collect, be sure to sign up with Timmy and Tommy at Canny & # 39; s Cranny as part of your daily checklist. The price at which tukiuki twins buy your bulbous, vegetable gold varies from very low to very high, with many falling within the distance.

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Picture: Me (Daisy Mae art c / o Nintendo)

My biggest score is New Horizons So far as Timmy and Tommy buy more than 300 Bells turnips, and buyers in past games have been known to reach 700 each turn. The figures previously followed a certain specific patterns, but it is not yet clear how such actually works New Horizons. Therefore, it is important that you ask them about their rates available twice a day – before 12 p.m. local time and there and after the afternoon price changes — to track their fluctuations throughout the week.

It is here that you will need to gamble on something. Prices are known to fluctuate slightly without the form of large spikes. So if you find that Timmy and Tommy are donating more money than you paid for your turnips, it might be wise to withdraw it, at least until the end of the day or the next morning, to see if their asking price continues to rise. But if you see a downward trend that comes during the week, you may be witnessing a vegetarian market similar to anything that happens on Wall Street lately. It's really up to you to feel comfortable staying in turnips for a day or two in an effort to maximize your return.

Don't wait too long, though. Turnips rot next Sunday, rendering them useless-well, unless you want to attract flies. You may have to cut your losses on Saturday evening, and try to make some money the next morning. That said, it all takes one good week to see your Bears explode, ready to spend money on home improvements and island galore upgrades. And if you are active, or bad churches will not result in a great loss. The next time Daisy Mae wanders, introduce yourself and roll the dice; adds a new layer of strategy to Animal Crossing that would give you more bells than a memorial church.


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