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In Another Water Update – Pursuit Of Knowledge




Searching for answers is a fundamental part of being a person and a major fan of video games. It gives the impetus to press forward with the hope of achieving a positive outcome. In some Water it's not that specific, though. The title playback can be relaxing, and the end of the story itself – while making a powerful conclusion – binds what may be more surprising than the one presented. This journey contains some good things, but ultimately not enough.

In Other Water puts you in the care of Ellery Vas, who searches for his lost mentor in the waters of the planet Gliese 677Cc. Depth testing takes place with your channel HUD, which shows your control panel and surrounding water. Like a sonar, a hand-drawn pinged display shows the area where you can move, creatures, and samples you can collect on your case. The HUD is easy to use, and its color changes well to convey the flexibility of the map and locations. In addition, HUD's high-level depiction of the physical world – including its life – is artistic and exciting.

Testing the Gliese 677Cc actually, which is a huge number of easy-to-click gameplay and clicks, has a small number. You can only travel to specific locations, which interferes with the game's quest to promote a mysterious discovery in an unknown world. Pointing and clicking on the screen is typical of the adventure genre, but since some Wiles contain a few puzzles (based on using the samples you collected in some ways), there are no realistic game calculations that occur naturally and reward your curiosity.

The story, which extends to investigating the secrets of the world, is enough. Its mysteries keep things frustrating, but the real culmination of its flaws is its emphasis on the most exciting, unconnected possibilities it presents.

In some traditional puzzles some Waters and other gameplay hooks are ridiculous. By comparison, its more expressive ability – the information itself – is appealing. Almost everywhere you travel includes a descriptive text that tells you not only what is happening, but that paints a picture of the planet and its mysterious life. Examination rewards you with the understanding of Symbiosis between beings and the value of knowledge. I turn to data banks for putting pieces together rather than having them in other games, even though most of them were not immediately effective in a specific game application.

In the gameplay of other Waters and the story is not enough to warm up the exploration you need, but the groundbreaking is commendable. Unfortunately, this makes it more suited to amateur agriculturalists and cartographers than those looking for a soft adventure.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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