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Japanese Geek Culture Covid-19




Template Template titled Japanese Geek Tradition In The Age Of Covid-19

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An emergency was announced in Japan due to the novel coronavirus the plague. M.any people he remained home, and businesses were there for a while closed. The whole world has been affected and transformed by a virus.

What does that mean for Japanese otaku culture? Very much we work with people who gather at geek centers such as Tokyo Akihabara or Denmark of the city of Osaka, go to anime and video game video, to soften crowded concert halls to watch photo shows, and to grab a bite to eat at the maid's restaurants.

Because of covid-19, tHis great conventions, though Comiket either Tokyo Game Show, canceled one by one. Earlier today, it was announced that the world's biggest event, Wonder Festival, it will not be caught this year.

As most of the original cases of the novel coronavirus spread to the music world, it is felt most likely those will reopen anytime soon. However, i mworking group Enatsu no tatari recently introduces obvious boxes that can be used in live games.

Template Template titled Japanese Geek Tradition In The Age Of Covid-19

Pictures: PR sessions

I think these would be protecting artists, but something more would be needed to ensure the safety of the crowd.

Awards too had a hard time. Sports Center independent of Mikado in Tokyo they have received great support in return for large sums of money as most customers do not stay, due to coronavirus covid-19 concerns.

Even if everyone was home, that doesn't mean that home comfort will never be touched. Nintendo recently said that the epidemic may change game development and retail sales.

This Arcade driving simulator inserts plastic sheets between the cabinets.

But despite the emergency announcement, some electronics stores in Akihabara are currently open.

However, some parts of the area remain closed.

Depending on where and how you go, otaku hub it looks like a ghost town!

New monitoring systems have been developed, giving us an outward appearance during the covid-19 era.

At Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, one of Tokyo's largest electronics stores, customers are instructed on how to do it it must stand on the heights.

Some great coffee, but not all, however, they are open again and are trying to take precautionary measures.

Last month, Japanese media revealed how coffee girls are trying to protect customers and princesses from spreading the novel coronavirus (pictures below). Now, many of them are proving difficult ways.

AAn emergency has been expanded this month, with some of the famous Tokyo & # 39; s Akihabara coffees temporarily closing their doors or offering snacks (made by girls). Not only was Maidreamin briefly, she also had live streaming clips of employees doing things like making rice omeletts.

Some have asked customers to pollute their hands and she had a mask crew, infected location, and install plastic sheets to create some kind of obstacle.

Some cafes have just started opening at reduced hours.

Maid cupcakes can be cramped spaces, hopefully, none of the employees or customers are sick.

Toku Dane, one of Japan's most popular morning shows, has included details about a local cafe called Strawberry that has reopened in Sendai. The cafe has launched plastic sheets throughout, separating each customer.

Below you can compare what the cafe looked like before and what it looks like now.

Strawberry lost 80 percent of its business and launched a refunds the last page for girls has been hired.

The Japanese government he raises a very urgent situation cities but keep it in place for places like Tokyo and Osaka with high rates of infection.

It remains to be seen whether customers will return in larger quantities or when resting on social deductions and new precautions can avoid another wave of infection.


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